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Asian Greens


Green Wave
3243 Brassica juncea (45 days) Open-pollinated. Best-adapted mustard for northern climates. Hot mustardy flavor. Will come back when cut. Slow to bolt. Can be overwintered. read more
Red Giant - Organic
3245 Brassica juncea (integlifolia group) (45 days) Open-pollinated. Japanese heirloom. Large purple-tinted savoyed leaves. Peppery flavor. Standard mesclun ingredient. Cold tolerant. read more
Tatsoi - Organic
3221 Brassica rapa (narinosa group) (45 days) Open-pollinated. Spoon-shaped dark green leaves in compact rosettes. Very hardy. Cut-and-come-again. read more

Pac Choi

Pac Choi
Purple Pac Choi
3264 Brassica rapa (chinensis group) (48 days) F-1 hybrid. Most vigorous and darkest-hued strain. Purple leaves with green veins and stems. 8-10" heads at maturity. read more


Bush Green Beans

Red Tail - Organic currently on backorder
241 Phaseolus vulgaris (58 days) Open-pollinated. 5.5" long green bean. Very stress tolerant and high yielding, with good texture and flavor. White seed. read more


Bull’s Blood
2186 Beta vulgaris (60 days) Open-pollinated. Grown for greens, not roots. Large glossy reddish-purple leaves. Holds quality in summer but best in fall and under winter cover. read more
Bull’s Blood - Organic
2187 Beta vulgaris (60 days) Open-pollinated. Grown for greens, not roots. Large glossy reddish-purple leaves. Holds quality in summer but best in fall and under winter cover. read more
2136 Beta vulgaris (55 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Light red exterior; interior rings of pink and white. Green tops. Exceptional sweetness. read more
2156 Beta vulgaris (56 days) Open-pollinated. Danish heirloom. 6" long cylindrical dark red beet. Excellent for pickling and processing. read more
Detroit Dark Red Short Top
2182 Beta vulgaris (60 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Uniform globular smooth red beet. Tender interior with deep red flesh. A favorite of home gardeners and canners. read more
Early Wonder Tall Top
2108 Beta vulgaris (48 days) Open-pollinated. From 1911, beloved by commercial growers and home gardeners. Early beet greens and bunching beets. Quick cold soil emergence. Attractive purple tops. read more
Early Wonder Tall Top - Organic
2109 Beta vulgaris (48 days) Open-pollinated. From 1911, beloved by commercial growers and home gardeners. Early beet greens and bunching beets. Quick cold soil emergence. Attractive purple tops. read more



Solstice - Organic
3306 Brassica oleracea (botrytis group) (71 days) Open-pollinated. Mild uniform sweet heads. Tons of side shoots. Best as a fall crop. read more

Broccoli Raab

Broccoli Raab
3485 Brassica rapa (ruvo group) (40 days) Open-pollinated. Harvest young stems, leaves, and small flower buds. Leaves best in spring. Stems and flower buds best in fall crop. read more


Green Cabbages

Green Cabbage
Golden Acre
3352 Brassica oleracea (capitata group) (62 days) Open-pollinated. Classic early round 3-5 lb grey-green compact heads on short stems. Excellent flavor. Not long standing. read more

Red Cabbages

Red Cabbage
Red Acre
3359 Brassica oleracea (capitata group) (75 days) Open-pollinated. Distinctive violet-rose color. Small to medium 3-5 lb heads can be up to 7" across on a compact plant. read more


Early Carrots

Early Carrot
Tonda di Parigi
2018 Daucus carota (55 days) Open-pollinated. Parisian heirloom. Round 1½" deep orange carrot. Harvest young and tender; enjoy cooked for sweetness and creamy texture. Easy in clay soil. read more

Main Season Carrots

Main Season Carrot
Danvers - Organic
2076 Daucus carota (75 days) Open-pollinated. Broad-shouldered 7" conical carrot with a tapered tip. Good choice for heavy soils. Long storage. read more
Main Season Carrot
Red Cored Chantenay
2058 Daucus carota (70 days) Open-pollinated. French heirloom. Thick 5-7" long red-orange carrot. Performs well in heavy soil. Excellent flavor and long storage. read more
Main Season Carrot
Scarlet Nantes
2042 Daucus carota (68 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. High-quality 6-7" bright orange carrot. Sweet flavor with small dark core. Bestseller. read more


3413 Brassica oleracea (botrytis group) (76 days) F-1 hybrid. Lively bright green cauliflower with great texture raw and cooked. Stays green when cooked. Hefty heads. read more


Bicolor Sweet Corn

Bicolor Sweet Corn
582 Zea mays (75 days) F-1 hybrid. 16 rows. 6.5' plants. Corny and sweet, good for markets or home-garden use. read more
Bicolor Sweet Corn
590 Zea mays (78 days) F-1 hybrid. Large sweet tender creamy kernels from well-filled 8" blunt ears with 14-16 rows. 6-7' plants. Sturdy thick stalks allow second ear production. read more
Bicolor Sweet Corn
574 Zea mays (70 days) F-1 hybrid. Early 6" ears with 14-16 rows. Good cold soil emergence. read more
Bicolor Sweet Corn
572 Zea mays (68 days) F-1 hybrid. Early fancy tip-filled 8" ears. Quality and flavor like a late corn. Good cold-soil emergence. Often a single ear per stalk. read more
Bicolor Sweet Corn
592 Zea mays (78 days) F-1 hybrid. Up to 9" long fat ears. Plenty of husk protection and easy harvest ideal for market growers. read more


Japanese Hulless Popcorn
663 Zea mays (72 days baby, 110 dry) Open-pollinated. For baby corn, harvest ears about five days after silks appear. Or grow to full size for popcorn. 5' plants each bear 3-6 4" ears with white kernels. read more
Robust 98114W White
671 Zea mays (98 days) F-1 hybrid. Long thin ears with large kernels make light tender popcorn. 6' stalk. read more


660 Zea mays (75 days) F-1 hybrid. Bicolor, 8" ears, 16-18 rows of crisp but tender kernels. Holding quality in the field and after harvest is superb. read more
661 Zea mays (76 days) F-1 hybrid. Large tender crispy yellow kernels with corny flavor and extra sugar. High yields; 2-3 ears per plant. read more

Yellow Sweet Corn

Yellow Sweet Corn
Bodacious RM
541 Zea mays (77 days) F-1 hybrid. 8" ears. 16 rows. 7' plants. Same as original Bodacious with enhanced resistance. Exceptional sweetness. read more
Yellow Sweet Corn
506 Zea mays (68 days) F-1 hybrid. Early, combines large size, flavor and quality with cold-soil performance. Bright yellow, tip-filled 8" ear. 5–6' plant. read more
Yellow Sweet Corn
Incredible RM
561 Zea mays (85 days) F-1 hybrid. Handsome 8" tip-filled ears; not just sweet, but with a deep corn taste. read more


Pickling Cucumbers

Pickling Cucumber
1226 Cucumis sativus (52 days) Open-pollinated. Classic pickler. Dark green fruit with black spines. Non-bitter. Used for small pickles and dills. Long harvest window. read more

Slicing Cucumbers

Longfellow not available yet, check back after Late February
1335 Cucumis sativus (70 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom slicer. 8-9" long 2" wide green, white spined fruits. read more
Slicing Cucumber
Marketmore 76
1312 Cucumis sativus (63 days) Open-pollinated. Classic slicer for the Northeast. Dark green 8-8.5" uniform fruits. Vigorous throughout the season. read more
Slicing Cucumber
Marketmore 76 - Organic
1313 Cucumis sativus (63 days) Open-pollinated. Classic slicer for the Northeast. Dark green 8-8.5" uniform fruits. Vigorous throughout the season. read more

Specialty Cucumbers

Lemon not available yet, check back later
1372 Cucumis sativus (68 days) Open-pollinated. Specialty heirloom. Rounded 3" crisp non-bitter fruit. Skin turns from pale greenish yellow to lemon yellow. Productive. read more
Specialty Cucumber
Mexican Sour Gherkin
1243 Melothria scabra (65 days) Open-pollinated. Vigorous but delicate climbing vine. Profuse bearing of 1" oblong green and white fruits. Eat fresh or pickled. read more

Flower Seeds


Carpet of Snow
4821 Lobularia maritima (60 days) Open-pollinated. Free-flowering long-blooming fragrant 4" dwarf white groundcover. Easy to grow. read more

Bachelor’s Buttons

Bachelor’s Button
Bachelor’s Button Mix
4879 Centaurea cyanus (90 days) Open-pollinated. Showy blend of blue, pink, red, white flowers with blue predominating. read more
Bachelor’s Button
Blue Boy
4871 Centaurea cyanus (90 days) Open-pollinated. Showy blue. Easy to grow. read more
Bachelor’s Button
Red Boy
4877 Centaurea cyanus (90 days) Open-pollinated. Deep red. read more

Bee Balm

Bee Balm
Panorama Red Bee Balm
4886 Monarda didyma Open-pollinated. Perennial, Zones 4-9. Bushy clumping 30", bears 1-2 whorls of red tubular flowers on each stem from mid to late summer. read more


Nonstop Tuberous Begonia
4889 Begonia x tuberhybrida (140 days) F-1 hybrid. Nine bright shades for a riot of color. Needs shade. read more

Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland
4896 Moluccella laevis (110 days) Open-pollinated. Everlasting. Spikes of bright green bell-shaped “flowers.” read more

Blue Flax

Blue Flax
5079 Linum perenne subsp. lewisii Open-pollinated. Single light-blue flowers and finely cut foliage for borders or rock gardens. 9-12" tall. read more

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed
4906 Asclepias tuberosa Open-pollinated. Bright orange waxy flowers attractive to butterflies and bees. read more


Pacific Beauty Mix
4920 Calendula officinalis Open-pollinated. The classic lovely yellow and orange mix. Herbalists highly regard its healing gifts. read more


Blue Clips Campanula
4930 Campanula carpatica Open-pollinated. Perennial, Zones 4-10. Also known as Bellflower or Carpathian Harebell. Masses of light azure bellflowers dance 8" high above a tidy mound of foliage up to 12" wide. read more


Cramer’s Amazon Celosia not available yet, check back later
4956 Celosia argentea var. spicata (120 days) Open-pollinated. Wild reddish-purple spikes; leaves green splashed with purple. 3-6' spires. read more

Chinese Forget-Me-Not

Chinese Forget-Me-Not
Firmament Chinese Forget-Me-Not
4965 Cynoglossum amabile Open-pollinated. Bright dainty 5-petaled azure-blue blossoms. 16-18" tall. read more


Cleome Mix - Organic
4989 Cleome hassleriana Open-pollinated. An organic mix of the above three colors: rose, violet and white. read more


Yellow Prairie Coneflower
5007 Ratibida columnifera Open-pollinated. Yellow petals around protruding chocolate-brown center disk. read more


Sensation Mix Cosmos
5035 Cosmos bipinnatus (85-90 days) Open-pollinated. Pinks, roses, magentas and occasional whites. 4-5'. read more
Tango Cosmos
5039 Cosmos sulphureus Open-pollinated. Flame-red free-flowering double blossoms on wiry stems. 4' tall. read more


Alaska Strain not available yet, check back later
5047 Leucanthemum x superbum F-1 hybrid. Clean snow-white flowers with bright yellow centers. 3' tall. read more


Double Choice Mix Sweet William
5061 Dianthus barbatus Open-pollinated. Fragrant biennial with flat-topped flowers in red, pink, white, lavender. 18" tall. read more

Dye Plants

Dye Plant
Dyer’s Coreopsis Mix
5904 Coreopsis tinctoria Open-pollinated. Beautiful native ornamental. Provides a full palette of color from yellows and greens to rusts and browns-and even black. read more

Flower Mixes

Northeast Wildflower Mix not available yet, check back later
5809 For the Northeast. A blend of 19 perennial and self-sowing annual species native to or naturalized in northeast U.S. and Canada. read more


Forget-Me-Not not available yet, check back after early February
5091 Myosotis sylvatica Open-pollinated. Clusters of tiny sky-blue flowers. Self-seeds. 6" tall. read more

Globe Amaranth

Globe Amaranth
Las Vegas Mix Globe Amaranth
5109 Gomphrena globosa Open-pollinated. Three vibrant colors: pink, purple and white. read more


Indian Spring Single Mix Hollyhock
5124 Alcea rosea Open-pollinated. Old-fashioned single 7' beauty in red, yellow, white and rose. read more


5132 Lunaria annua Open-pollinated. Coin-shaped seed pods shimmer in winter bouquets. 3' tall. read more

Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed not available yet, check back later
5150 Eutrochium purpureum Open-pollinated. Dusty pinkish-purple flowers. Stately and beautiful. 5-9' tall. read more


Helen Mount Johnny-Jump-Up not available yet, check back later
5152 Viola tricolor Open-pollinated. Cute tricolor blooms in violet, lavender and canary yellow. 4-6" tall. read more


Giant Imperial Mixed Larkspur
5168 Consolida ajacis Open-pollinated. Pinks, purples, blues and white. 3-4' tall. read more


Lavatera Mix
5171 Lavatera trimestris Open-pollinated. Mix contains mostly pink shades and some white. Explosion of funnel-shaped blossoms on 2' tall bushy plants. read more


Crystal Palace Blue Lobelia not available yet, check back later
5180 Lobelia erinus Open-pollinated. Stunning deep blue flowers with bronze-green foliage. 4" tall. Great for window boxes, walks and borders; drapes over the edge in a lovely way. read more

Marigold - African

Marigold - African
Crackerjack Mix
5211 Tagetes erecta Open-pollinated. Early mix of orange, gold, yellow. Large fully doubled flowers. 30" tall. read more

Marigold - French

Sparky Mix not available yet, check back later
5235 Tagetes patula Open-pollinated. Mix of yellow, gold, orange and red. Double flowers are 2-2½" wide. Compact 10-12" plants. read more


5256 Asclepias syriaca Open-pollinated. Perennial to Zone 4. These 5' tall showy perennial native wildflowers are an important member of the wild habitat. Buds open to large balls of sweetly fragrant pink flowers. read more

Morning Glories

Morning Glory
Grandpa Ott’s
5278 Ipomoea purpurea (70 days) Open-pollinated. Climbs to at least 8-9' with trellising, rich deep purple bloom with a glowing magenta center and dark 5-pointed star pattern. read more


Alaska Mix not available yet, check back later
5280 Tropaeolum majus (60 days) Open-pollinated. Striking variegated green and white foliage and tangy yellow and orange blossoms. Great plant for hanging baskets. 16" plants. read more
Empress of India
5282 Tropaeolum majus (60 days) Open-pollinated. Dark purplish-green leaves with brilliant crimson-scarlet flowers contrast well with other varieties. 16" plants. read more
Jewel Mix not available yet, check back after - Late January
5288 Tropaeolum majus (42 days) Open-pollinated. Bushy variety holds its blooms above the foliage. Early free-flowering blend of orange, yellow, red and gold. 16". read more
Peach Melba
5293 Tropaeolum minus (60 days) Open-pollinated. Named for the dessert. Primrose-cream blossoms with pearly red centers. Sets abundant blooms above compact lily-pad foliage. read more
Tall Climbing Mix
5291 Tropaeolum majus (65 days) Open-pollinated. Red, orange, gold and bicolor shades. Red blossoms spicier than lighter colors. Prolific blossom set. 4-6' tall. read more


5330 Phacelia tanacetifolia Open-pollinated. Small frizzy lavender-blue flowers. Long bloom period. Excellent for pollinators and beneficial insects. Bushy 18-30" plants. read more


Drummondii Mix
5335 Phlox drummondi Open-pollinated. Large umbel blooms in a range of pinks, reds, white, and bicolor combinations. 24" sprawling plants. read more


Shirley Double Choice Mix not available yet, check back later
5379 Papaver Open-pollinated. Elegant semi-double blooms all summer in shades of pink, rose, salmon, scarlet and white. 2½' tall. read more


Prairie Sun
5399 Rudbeckia hirta (88 days) Open-pollinated. Very large and distinctive. Pointy golden petals with light yellow tips. Branching 24-30" plants have long stems, ideal for cutflowers. read more


Mixed Colors
5464 Limonium sinuatum (115 days) Open-pollinated. Mix includes lavender, rose, purple, white. Especially suited for dried arrangements, also good in fresh. 2-2½' tall. read more


Monstrosum Mix
5488 Xerochrysum bracteatum Open-pollinated. Hot pink, light pink, white, gold and deep rose. 2-2½" fully double flowers, excellent for drying. 30-40" tall. read more


Autumn Beauty Mix - Organic not available yet, check back after - February
5500 Helianthus annuus (70-90 days) Open-pollinated. Lovely mix of earthen shades: bright yellow to bronze and purples. Blossoms 4-6" across. 6-8' multibranching stalks. A top seller. read more
Evening Sun - Organic
5501 Helianthus annuus (60-80 days) Open-pollinated. 3-5" blooms in sunset hues of burgundy, russet-bronze, vivid gold and red, with many bicolor blends. read more
5507 Helianthus annuus Open-pollinated. Stunning brown-centered 6" blooms are maroonish red with yellow tips. Mix with others to make a bouquet pop. 3½' tall. read more
Green Heart not available yet, check back later
5509 Helianthus annuus F-1 hybrid. Golden-yellow blooms with amazing 4" lime-green centers. Great for cutflowers and pollen-free. Tall straight single stems grow up to 5'. read more
Lemon Queen
5514 Helianthus annuus Open-pollinated. Luxuriant 8" blooms with lemon-yellow petals surrounding striking solid brown centers. Can grow up to 10' tall in rich soil. Organic. read more
Mammoth Grey Stripe
5518 Helianthus annuus (120 days) Open-pollinated. A traditional variety of giant single-stem sunflower with large seed heads. One to grow if you want to eat the seeds or plant a maze. 6”12'. read more
5536 Helianthus annuus Open-pollinated. Handsome single-headed 5' sunflower. Double ring surrounded by deep yellow petals makes a striking display. 8-10" blooms. A superb cutflower. read more

Sweet Peas

Knee-High Mix not available yet, check back later
5626 Lathyrus odoratus Open-pollinated. Semi-dwarf 20" bush-type plants need no support, produce full-length stems. Mix includes chianti, pink, blue-violet and lavender. read more


Siberian Wallflower
5675 Cheiranthus allionii Open-pollinated. Hardy biennial, blooms first year. Charming bright orange spice-scented phlox-like 4-petaled blossoms. read more


Benary’s Giants Lime
5700 Zinnia elegans (85 days) Open-pollinated. A trendy color in this superior series. A most elegant giant dahlia-flowered zinnia. Long stems perfect for cutting. read more
Benary’s Giants Mix
5707 Zinnia elegans (85 days) Open-pollinated. Yellow, white, rose-pink, coral, lilac and purple. Long stems perfect for cutting. read more
Benary’s Giants Wine
5704 Zinnia elegans (85 days) Open-pollinated. A very hot fuchsia. A most elegant giant dahlia-flowered zinnia. Long stems perfect for cutting. read more
Cactus Bright Jewel Mix
5711 Zinnia elegans (75 days) Open-pollinated. Large ruffled zinnia blossoms resemble chrysanthemums. Profuse immense blooms in scarlet, orange, pink, yellow. 3' tall. read more
Gold Medal Mix
5714 Zinnia elegans Open-pollinated. Blend of cherry, orange, pink, purple, scarlet, white and yellow dahlia-flowered blossoms 4-5" across. Excellent for cutting. 3½'. read more
Pumila Mix
5725 Zinnia elegans Open-pollinated. Small 2' plants with flowers 2½-3" across. Wide range of colors includes orange, yellow, white, pink, lavender and scarlet. read more
State Fair Mix
5731 Zinnia elegans (90 days) Open-pollinated. Huge single and double blooms on 30" plants. Colors include red, magenta, purple, orange, lavender and pink. Our best-selling zinnia. read more


Large Gourds

Large Gourd
1990 Lagenaria siceraria (135 days) Open-pollinated. Shaped like a large 18" bowl with a pot lid. Start indoors. read more
Large Gourd
Large Bottle or Birdhouse
1966 Lagenaria siceraria (120 days) Open-pollinated. Large gourd with bulbous base and narrow neck. Fruit can grow 14" tall and 12" in diameter. Start indoors. read more
Speckled Swan not available yet, check back later
1968 Lagenaria siceraria (120 days) Open-pollinated. Dark green skin with pale green splotches. Round 8-10" base tapers into along neck capped by a small bulb near the stem to make the swan’s head. read more


Luffa not available yet, check back later
1962 Luffa aegyptiaca (110 days) Open-pollinated. Used to make sponges and scrubbies. Also edible when harvested young. Requires a long season; start indoors. read more

Small Gourds

Small Gourd
Autumn Wings
1957 Cucurbita pepo var. ovifera (100 days) Open-pollinated. A vivid mix of greens, yellows, creams and whites on straight and curved necks, all with double sets of wings and fins. read more
Small Gourd
Professional Small Warted Mix
1939 Cucurbita pepo var. ovifera (95 days) Open-pollinated. Warted assorted flats, rounds, short pears and spoons in a variety of colors and patterns. read more
Small Ornamental Mix unavailable, no supply
1912 Cucurbita pepo var. ovifera (95 days) Open-pollinated. Eight kinds of early-maturing types, with small spoon, bicolored pear and small orange most prevalant. read more
Small Gourd
Tennessee Dancing Gourd
1908 Cucurbita pepo var. ovifera (93 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom ornamental. Tiny 2-3" green-and-white striped bottle gourds. Rampant vines. Hard shells dry to tan. read more



3022 Eruca sativa (47 days) Open-pollinated. Great-tasting musky greens. Bolt resistant strain. Cold tolerant, great for early spring, late fall, over-wintering. read more
3027 Diplotaxis erucoides (21 days baby, 50 days mature) Open-pollinated. Wild Arugula. Deeply lobed dark green narrow leaves. Excellent for cold-season salads, but also shows good summer endurance. read more


3033 Beta vulgaris (55 days) Open-pollinated. Vigorous long-standing 2-3' plants with broad silvery-white midribs and deep green savoyed leaves. read more
Fordhook Giant
3031 Beta vulgaris (50 days) Open-pollinated. Standard broad white stems and dark green savoyed leaves with white veins. read more
Perpetual Spinach
3034 Beta vulgaris (55 days) Open-pollinated. Tender smooth leaves, thin stems, spinach-like flavor. Lasts through summer into fall. Withstands some frosts. read more


Italiko Rosso
3047 Cichorium intybus (60 days) Open-pollinated. Savory Italian chicory with deeply toothed red-veined leaves. Best in cool weather, can become bitter in heat. read more
Pan di Zucchero
3048 Cichorium intybus (80 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. 1' tall large tight chicory with light green leaves. Very mild flavor. Stores well. read more
3049 Cichorium intybus (80 days) Open-pollinated. Italian heirloom grown for its fused stems which form a swollen bulb. Sweet stalks eaten in salad or cooked. read more

Perennial Greens

Broad-Leaved Sorrel not available yet, check back later
3192 Rumex acetosa (60 days) Open-pollinated. Thick sword-shaped lemony-flavored leaves picked when young and tender. A special treat in early spring. Perennial hardy to Z3. read more


Palla di Fuoco Rossa
3190 Cichorium intybus (85 days) Open-pollinated. Uniform round Chioggia-type with deep burgundy red heads. read more
Radicchio di Treviso
3189 Cichorium intybus (80 days) Open-pollinated. White-veined leaves turn from green to variegated burgundy red in cool weather. Romaine-shaped heads. Best for fall crops. read more

Specialty Greens

Specialty Green
Large-Leaf Round Mâche
3114 Valerianella locusta (60 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Vigorous large-leaf type of staple salad green. Best for sowing in spring for early summer harvest. read more
Specialty Green
New Zealand Spinach
2592 Tetragonia tetragonioides (52 days) Open-pollinated. New Zealand native plant. Spinach-like green stands well in the heat of summer. read more


Anise - Organic not available yet, check back later
4405 Pimpinella anisum (130 days) Open-pollinated. White umbel flowers in July have delicate ornamental value. Seed ripens in August and September—wait until the tips of the fruits turn grey, and collect seeds before they turn black. read more
Ashwagandha - Organic
4411 Withania somnifera Open-pollinated. Upright shrub 2' with green-to-yellow flowers ripening to red berries. Roots are dried at the end of the growing season and used internally powdered or tinctured. read more
Astragalus - Organic not available yet, check back later
4412 Astragalus membranaceus Open-pollinated. Small yellow pea-like flowers on upright stems with vetch-like leaves. 1½-4' perennial. read more
Borage not available yet, check back later
4490 Borago officinalis (55 days) Open-pollinated. Bushy 2-3' annual. Bears many small flowers that open blue, turn purple and then pink. read more
Broadleaf Sage
4664 Salvia officinalis Open-pollinated. Grows up to 3', with fuzzy grey-green oblong leaves and blue flowers. Used fresh or dried. read more
Caraway unavailable, dormant seed
4507 Carum carvi Open-pollinated. Feathery-leaved 2' biennial grown primarily for its seeds to season soups, stews, breads and pastries. read more
Caraway - Organic not available yet, check back later
4508 Carum carvi Open-pollinated. Feathery-leaved 2' biennial grown primarily for its seeds to season soups, stews, breads and pastries. read more
4509 Nepeta cataria Open-pollinated. Grows to 3' tall and wide. Lavender blooms in late summer are a favorite of honeybees. read more
Cumin not available yet, check back later
4522 Cuminum cyminum (100-115 days) Open-pollinated. Foliage is fragrant and ferny, somewhat like dill; but unlike dill, plants grow only 1-2'. Annual, takes a long time to mature so start indoors in cold climates. read more
Fennel - Organic
4560 Foeniculum vulgare (65 days) Open-pollinated. This fennel, which doesn’t bulb, puts all its energy into making seeds. read more
Fenugreek not available yet, check back later
4569 Trigonella foenum-graecum (30 days leaf, 120 days seed) Open-pollinated. Leaf and seeds are used culinarily, imparting a sweet nutty flavor reminiscent of maple syrup. If not pinched back, the plant will read more
Garlic Chives
4577 Allium tuberosum Open-pollinated. Perennial, but protect in cold areas. Grows like chives, 1' tall, but has flat strap-like leaves that taste like garlic and can be used as a garlic. read more
4582 Hyssopus officinalis Open-pollinated. Perennial. Normally hardy to Zone 3. Beautiful aromatic perennial border plant that produces spikes of indigo flowers. read more
Lemon Balm not available yet, check back later
4588 Melissa officinalis Open-pollinated. Perennial growing to 2'. Gather its yellow-green scalloped lemony leaves before plants flower. read more
Lemon Mint not available yet, check back later
4589 Monarda citriodora Open-pollinated. The tiered pinkish-purple flower spikes of this showy 2-3' plant are long-lasting in fresh bouquets and can be dried for everlasting arrangements. read more
4592 Levisticum officinale (85-95 days) Open-pollinated. Perennial. Umbelliferous, attracts beneficial insects, grows 3-6' and makes a dramatic architectural element in a decorative border. read more
Milk Thistle - Organic not available yet, check back later
4630 Silybum marianum Open-pollinated. Named for the bold white splashes on its glossy leaves, said to be from Mary’s milk. Fast-growing 3-5' annual with leaves up to 8x24". read more
Rosemary - Organic
4657 Rosmarinus officinalis Open-pollinated. Beloved tender perennial growing to 3-4'. Cannot withstand temperatures below 17°, may be overwintered indoors if kept cool and moist. read more
Sweet Marjoram
4615 Origanum majorana (80-95 days) Open-pollinated. Grown as an annual in the North. 1' plant with grey-green rounded leaves of enchanting sweet fragrance. read more
White Yarrow
4699 Achillea millefolium Open-pollinated. Perennial grows 1-2', spreads slowly, preferring lean soil. Rich garden soil may produce lush 3' plants that need staking. Zone 2. read more


Flowering Thai Basil - Organic
4471 Ocimum basilicum (60 days) Open-pollinated. Purple stems and flowers of standard Thai, but displayed upon a strong bushy umbrella form with wide and beautifully ample flowers. read more
Genovese Basil
4418 Ocimum basilicum (70 days) Open-pollinated. The choice of many connoisseurs for making pesto. Also called Perfumed Basil. Leaves are slightly smaller and finer than Sweet Basil with more aroma and potency. read more
Mammoth Basil
4422 Ocimum basilicum Open-pollinated. Lettuce-leaf type has very large ruffled leaves suitable for rolling or stuffing. Flavor similar to sweet basil. read more
Thai Basil
4470 Ocimum basilicum (60 days) Open-pollinated. An attractive 12-18" fine-leaved plant with purple stems, seed heads and flowers. read more


3044 Anthriscus cerefolium (60 days to full maturity) Open-pollinated. Flavorful lacy leaves for mesclun or microgreens. Slow-bolting. read more


Bouquet Dill
4530 Anethum graveolens (55 days) Open-pollinated. Bouquet is usually grown for dill weed production because its leaves are sweeter and more refined than those of Mammoth. read more
Mammoth Dill
4542 Anethum graveolens Open-pollinated. Variety generally grown for its seeds. Can also be used as dill weed, but the foliage is slightly darker, coarser and stronger-tasting than that of Bouquet. read more


Purple Coneflower - Organic
4547 Echinacea purpurea Open-pollinated. Easy-to-grow, 2-4' tall, native to a wide range of habitats, from Appalachian woods to Midwest prairies. read more


Lavender not available yet, check back later
4583 Lavandula angustifolia Open-pollinated. Also known as English Lavender. Not a named variety; perhaps a less-refined habit than Vincenza Blue. read more
Vicenza Blue Lavender not available yet, check back after - Late January
4586 Lavandula angustifolia Open-pollinated. More compact habit than common Lavender with deeper green leaves and a more powerful, less sweet, aroma. 1' plants have bold clustered flower spikes with deep color from mid-July to early September. read more


Greek Oregano
4648 Origanum heracleoticum Open-pollinated. Perennial to Zone 4, but survives some winters in Zone 3. The true culinary herb for Greek and Italian cooking. Low-growing with fragrant dull green and purple leaves and white flowers. read more


Summer Savory
4672 Satureja hortensis (70 days) Open-pollinated. Annual grows to 1½' with narrow dark green leaves and lavender flowers. Cut often during growing season, before blossoms appear. read more

Kale and Collards


Variegated - ECO
3444 Brassica oleracea (acephala group) (61 days) Open-pollinated. Florida heirloom. After frost, develops beautiful white ribs that contrast with yellow-green leaves. read more
Vates unavailable, - supply unavailable
3441 Brassica oleracea (acephala group) (60 days) Open-pollinated. Large upright plants have large dark-green crumpled leaves with mild cabbage-like flavor. Will overwinter in high tunnels here in the North. read more

Curly Kale

Curly Kale
Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch - Organic
3450 Brassica oleracea (acephala group) (30 days baby, 56 days mature) Open-pollinated. The most commonly grown kale. Dense finely curled blue-green leaves on upright hardy plants. Best as a fall crop, planted July or August. read more
Curly Kale
3448 Brassica oleracea (acephala group) (30 days baby, 55 days mature) Open-pollinated. Frilly deep rose-purple leaves suitable for baby leaf or bunching. Similar to Redbor in color and shape. read more

Dinosaur Kale

Dinosaur Kale
Nero di Tuscana
3467 Brassica oleracea (acephala group) (62 days) Open-pollinated. Italian heirloom also known as Lacinato and Tuscan Black. Very dark green wrinkled, pebbled sturdy leaves extend like palm fronds from stalk. read more

Siberian Kale

Siberian Kale
Red Russian
3461 Brassica napus (pabularia group) (60 days) Open-pollinated. Unsurpassed tenderness and flavor. Green oakleaf with purple veining darkens in cold weather. Wilts quickly once picked. Great microgreens. read more


White Vienna
3475 Brassica oleracea (gongylodes group) (58 days) Open-pollinated. Central European heirloom. Green kohlrabi with short tops and medium stems. White interior is crisp, tender, pungent. read more


Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce
Bronze Mignonette
2805 Latuca sativa (46 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Very small ruffled bronze-tinged butterhead lettuce. read more
Butterhead Lettuce
2811 Latuca sativa (50 days) Open-pollinated. Dark green outer leaves with broad mid-ribs and a creamy white center heart. Slow to bolt. Excellent flavor. Bestseller. read more
Butterhead Lettuce
Kagraner Sommer
2839 Latuca sativa (58 days) Open-pollinated. Elegant pale green heads of exceptional tender quality. Excellent heat tolerance. read more
Butterhead Lettuce
Tom Thumb
2803 Latuca sativa (46 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Miniature early tight 5" diameter butterhead lettuce. Outer leaves light-medium green, centers creamy white. read more

Iceberg or Crisphead Lettuce

Iceberg or Crisphead Lettuce
Red Iceberg
2922 Latuca sativa (63 days) Open-pollinated. Compact medium-sized heads with burgundy-red exterior. Interior shades to green. Resists becoming mushy in heat. read more

Lollo Rosso Lettuce

Lollo Rosso Lettuce
Dark Lollo Rosso - Organic
2793 Latuca sativa (53 days) Open-pollinated. Much darker red version of Lollo Rossa. Adds color, texture and loft to baby salad mixes. read more

Looseleaf Lettuce

Looseleaf Lettuce
Black Seeded Simpson - Organic
2712 Latuca sativa (42 days) Open-pollinated. Popular heirloom. Early looseleaf lettuce, 16" in diameter. Large crumpled juicy light-green leaves. Will not stand heat. read more
Cracoviensis - Organic not available yet, check back later
2731 Latuca sativa (47 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Beautiful large twisting red and green rosettes with heavy purple accents. Tender, buttery. read more
Looseleaf Lettuce
Red Salad Bowl
2728 Latuca sativa (46 days) Open-pollinated. Bronze-red oakleaves. Compact frilly rosette. Buttery. Best in cool weather. read more
Looseleaf Lettuce
Red Salad Bowl - Organic
2729 Latuca sativa (46 days) Open-pollinated. Bronze-red oakleaves. Compact frilly rosette. Buttery. Best in cool weather. read more
Looseleaf Lettuce
Salad Bowl
2722 Latuca sativa (46 days) Open-pollinated. Bright green frilly notched leaves. Compact rosette. Best in cool weather. read more
Looseleaf Lettuce
2783 Latuca sativa (53 days) Open-pollinated. Grand Rapids-type with slow early growth and pale-green leaves. Excellent heat tolerance and bolt resistance. Recommended for summer production. read more
Looseleaf Lettuce
Tango - Organic
2791 Latuca sativa (45 days) Open-pollinated. Frilly looseleaf lettuce with deeply cut pointed leaves. A standard component of salad mixes. Recommended for overwintering and cool weather. read more

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce
Crisp Mint - Organic
2883 Latuca sativa (70 days) Open-pollinated. Dark green ruffled-leaved romaine with open habit and rounded top. Very crisp and sweet. Decent heat tolerance. read more
Romaine Lettuce
Rouge d’Hiver
2865 Latuca sativa (65 days) Open-pollinated. French heirloom. Semi-romaine head with deep red outer leaves. Green inner leaves with bronze tips. Excellent cold tolerance, good for overwintering. read more
Romaine Lettuce
Winter Density
2849 Latuca sativa (60 days) Open-pollinated. French heirloom has substance with succulence. Begins like a bibb, matures into a well-wrapped romaine. Thick tender dark green leaves. Cold hardy. read more


Prescott Fond Blanc
942 Cucumis melo (88 days) Open-pollinated. Outside: wrinkled bumpy warted puffy-looking grey-green rock. Inside: green, yellow and deep orange juicy melting dense flesh. Rich aroma. read more


Hannah’s Choice
979 Cucumis melo (85 days) F-1 hybrid. Deep orange flesh. Oval 3-5 lb fruit, medium net. Harvest at full slip. Excellent flavor. read more
Hearts of Gold not available yet, check back later
981 Cucumis melo (85 days) Open-pollinated. 2-3 lb orange-fleshed muskmelon with a thin rind and thick richly flavored flesh. read more
Pride of Wisconsin - Organic
984 Cucumis melo (88 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Salmon-colored flesh with small seed cavity. Large oval coarsely netted 5-7 lb fruit. read more
Sugar Cube
977 Cucumis melo (80 days) F-1 hybrid. Thick, deep orange flesh. 4" diameter. 1.5 lb fruit. read more


Beck’s Big Buck - Organic
3699 Abelmoschus esculentus (85 days) Open-pollinated. Big fluted tender green pods on sturdy plants. Will produce in central Maine, but better suited to farther south. read more
Cajun Jewel - Organic
3695 Abelmoschus esculentus (65 days) Open-pollinated. Early 1x7" pods. Dwarf spineless 3-4' plants. Adapts well to cooler climate. read more

Onions and Leeks


2433 Allium tricoccum (6-18 months) Open-pollinated. Also called Wild Leeks. Bulb-forming perennial is a spring ephemeral. Not a good germinator; expect less than 50%. read more

Red Storage Onions

Red Wethersfield sold out
2481 Allium cepa (110 days) Open-pollinated. 19th century heirloom. Large medium-firm deep purple-red flattened globes with pinkish-white fine-grained flesh. Long-day. Keeps till late winter. read more

Red Summer Onions

Red Summer Onion
Rossa Lunga di Tropea
2485 Allium cepa (110 days) Open-pollinated. Italian heirloom. Torpedo-shaped glossy red thin-skinned onion. Sweet, mild. Fair to good storage. read more


Evergreen Hardy White
2439 Allium fistulosum (65 days) Open-pollinated. Japanese heirloom. Hardy perennial bunching onion. For a steady market crop, seed every two weeks. read more

White Summer Onions

White Summer Onion
Crystal White Wax
2444 Allium cepa (70 days) Open-pollinated. Early 1.5" round pearly white baby onions. Can be used in pickling. read more

Yellow Storage Onions

Yellow Storage Onion
Borettana Cipollini
2477 Allium cepa (105 days) Open-pollinated. Italian heirloom. Flattened 1" thick 3-4" diameter mild yellow-skinned onion. Braids well. read more

Other Roots


Harris Model
2310 Pastinaca sativa (120 days) Open-pollinated. Classic smooth tapered sweet white parsnip average 10" long. read more


Noir de Russie
2322 Scorzonera hispanica (120 days) Open-pollinated. European heirloom. Long narrow dark-skinned white-fleshed root. Distinctive. read more


Gold Ball Turnip
2376 Brassica rapa (45 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Round to globe-shaped turnip with smooth yellow skin and yellow flesh. Broad leaves. read more
Purple Top White Globe
2378 Brassica rapa (50 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Purple tops, white bottoms, white flesh. read more
White Egg Turnip
2372 Brassica rapa (45 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Smooth-skinned egg-shaped early white turnip with mild sweet white flesh. Keeps well. read more


Snap Peas

Snap Pea
Amish Snap
885 Pisum sativum (62 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. 5-6' vines. 3" slender, sweet and tender pods. read more

Snow Peas

Snow Pea
Green Beauty
820 Pisum sativum (60 days) Open-pollinated. 7-8' vine. 5" long light green pods. High yields. Excellent flavor. Purple flowers. read more


Habanada - Organic
3876 Capsicum annuum (100 days) Open-pollinated. Shiny orange fruits are a bit longer than a habanero but they pull off the look. Bushy short plants bear about 2 dozen sweet—not hot— fruits. read more

Elongated Sweet Peppers

Elongated Sweet Pepper
3769 Capsicum annuum (85 days) Open-pollinated. Cone-shaped 2½x10" fruits taper to a blunt end. Ripens from green to yellow to red. Sweet, crunchy, fruity; ideal for grilling and frying. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
Apple - Organic
3764 Capsicum annuum (80 days) Open-pollinated. Red 4" elongaged fruits. Sweet, delicious, dependable and problem free on 2' plants. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
3766 Capsicum annuum (80 days) Open-pollinated. 2x6" waxy frying pepper. Turns from yellow-green to red. Not pungent. Very prolific. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
Greek Pepperoncini
3753 Capsicum annuum (65 days) Open-pollinated. Elongated 2-3"classically wrinkled peppers are perfectly suited for pickling either green or red. read more

Hot Peppers

Early Jalapeño not available yet, check back later
3834 Capsicum annuum (65 days green, 85 days ripe) Open-pollinated. Dark green 1x3" sausage-shaped blunt fruits. Brown netting appears as fruits ripen to dark red. Hot! 2,000 to 5,000 Scovilles. Early. read more
Hot Pepper
Hungarian Hot Wax
3837 Capsicum annuum (68 days) Open-pollinated. Smooth waxy yellow 1.5x5.5" tapered fruits ripen to orange then red. Semi-hot, 5,000-10,000 Scovilles. Early and prolific. read more
Hot Pepper
Jalapeño M
3835 Capsicum annuum (73 days green, 93 days red ) Open-pollinated. Hot 1x3" barrel-shaped blunt thick-walled fruits turn a shiny brick red at maturity. read more
Hot Pepper
Long Red Narrow Cayenne
3821 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Bright red, 5-6" long by 1/2" wide tapered and often curled. Hot, pungent; 3,500-5,000 Scovilles. Dries easily. Prolific. read more
Hot Pepper
3842 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Extremely prolific 3-4' plants yield scores of light green fruits that ripen to bright scarlet. 2-3" fruits. read more

Sweet Bells

Sweet Bell
Corona - Organic
3739 Capsicum annuum (90 days) Open-pollinated. Orange sweet bell pepper. Thick-walled, blocky 3½" fruits. Easy to harvest. Good foliage cover on 4' plants helps to prevent sunscald. read more


Husk Cherries

Husk Cherry
Aunt Molly’s - Organic
4005 Physalis pruinosa (72 days) Open-pollinated. Golden berries in papery husks. Small but flavorful. Sweet, nutty, delicious snack. read more


Culinary Pumpkins

Culinary Pumpkin
Baby Pam
1711 Cucurbita pepo (99 days) Open-pollinated. Small, uniform deep orange 3-4 lb fruit will ripen even in poor growing seasons. read more
Jarrahdale not available yet, check back later
1716 Cucurbita maxima (100 days) Open-pollinated. Australian squash-pumpkin. 6-10 lb heavily ribbed flattened fruit with blue-grey skin. Edible and unusual. read more
Culinary Pumpkin
Naked Bear
1725 Cucurbita pepo (105 days) F-1 hybrid. 2-4 lb squat culinary pumpkin provides one-pie filling plus hulless seeds for roasting. read more
Culinary Pumpkin
New England Pie
1719 Cucurbita pepo (102 days) Open-pollinated. Classic heirloom. 4 lb orange fruit with medium ribbing. The standard for pies. read more
Culinary Pumpkin
Winter Luxury - Organic
1718 Cucurbita pepo (100 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. 7-8 lb rich-orange globed fruit with distinct finely russeted netted skin. Excellent for pies. read more

Large Pumpkins

Large Pumpkin
Big Max
1757 Cucurbita maxima (120 days) Open-pollinated. Extra-large squash-pumpkin. Deep orange 50-100 lb fruit. Up to 70" around. For massive jack o' lanterns, and for showing off. read more

Medium Pumpkins

Medium Pumpkin
Rouge Vif d’Étampes
1727 Cucurbita maxima (105 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom French squash-pumpkin. Burnt orange to red flattened 7-30 lb fruit with deep ridges. Edible and ornamental. read more

Small Pumpkins

Small Pumpkin
Jack Be Little
1705 Cucurbita pepo (95 days) Open-pollinated. Mini ornamental. Darling 8 oz flattened heavily ribbed fruit on short vines. read more
Small Pumpkin
1702 Cucurbita pepo (90 days) Open-pollinated. Mini ornamental. Cute orange unribbed 8-12 oz fruits. Small vines produce 3-4 fruits each. read more


2234 Raphanus raphanistrum subs. sativus (25 days) Open-pollinated. Smooth-skinned scarlet-red radish with firm mild white flesh. read more
Cherry Belle
2214 Raphanus raphanistrum subs. sativus (25 days) Open-pollinated. ¾" diameter smooth-skinned red bunching radish. Firm white flesh. read more
French Breakfast
2248 Raphanus raphanistrum subs. sativus (26 days) Open-pollinated. French heirloom. Medium-sized olive-shaped scarlet-red radish with a pure white tip. read more
2240 Raphanus raphanistrum subs. sativus (25 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Crisp juicy 1" round smooth snow-white radish. Small foliage for close spacing. read more
Pink Lady Slipper
2230 Raphanus raphanistrum subs. sativus (25 days) Open-pollinated. Rosy-pink color with bright white flesh, crisp and mild. Oblong plump roots hold longer than others without cracking or getting soft and pithy. read more
White Icicle
2262 Raphanus raphanistrum subs. sativus (30 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Slender 4-6" long white radish of high quality. Harvest young. Recommended for home gardens. read more
2257 Raphanus raphanistrum subs. sativus (30 days) Open-pollinated. Polish origin. Medium-sized bunching radish with yellow-tan russeted skin. White flesh is crunchy, crisp and lightly spicy. read more

Winter Radishes

Winter Radish
2265 Raphanus raphanistrum subs. sativus (55 days) Open-pollinated. Oblong green-and-white-skinned radish with sweet tender bright rose flesh. Good storage. read more



2540 Spinacia oleracea (42 days) Open-pollinated. Standard crinkled-leaf spinach. Very good cold soil emergence. Much better in fall than spring. read more
Bloomsdale - Organic
2541 Spinacia oleracea (42 days) Open-pollinated. Standard crinkled-leaf spinach. Very good cold soil emergence. Much better in fall than spring. read more
Giant Winter
2555 Spinacia oleracea (45 days) Open-pollinated. Recommended for late fall, winter greenhouse, or overwintering under mulch. Large semi-savoyed medium-green spinach selected for cold hardiness. read more
Winter Bloomsdale - Organic
2558 Spinacia oleracea (47 days) Open-pollinated. Old variety grows slowly, tolerates low temps. Good spring and fall, and great for overwintering. Deeply savoyed leaves. read more

Squash - Summer

Patty Pan Squash

Benning’s Green Tint not available yet, check back later
1590 Cucurbita pepo (55 days) Open-pollinated. Classic heirloom. Uniform scalloped 2-3" fruit with greenish-cream skin. Excellent flavor. read more

Yellow Summer Squash

Yellow Summer Squash
Blonde Beauty
1500 Cucurbita pepo (40 days) F-1 hybrid. 5-7" buttery yellow straight-neck squash, 10-15 fruits per plant. Truly spineless petioles. read more
Yellow Summer Squash
Early Summer Yellow Crookneck - Organic
1539 Cucurbita pepo (58 days) Open-pollinated. Classic heirloom. Deep yellow warted fruit with bulbous blossom end and narrow curved neck. Excellent flavor. read more


Black Zucchini not available yet, check back later
1411 Cucurbita pepo (50 days) Open-pollinated. Cylindrical. Very dark green fruit with a small seed cavity. Open plant habit. Heirloom with excellent flavor. read more
1434 Cucurbita pepo (53 days) Open-pollinated. Italian heirloom. Cylindrical. Ribbed fruit with light green stripes. Excellent flavor. read more

Zucchini Rampicante

Zucchini Rampicante
1460 Cucurbita moschata (60 days summer squash, 90 days winter squash) Open-pollinated. Italian specialty. Harvest at 8-12" for summer squash. Harvest at 90 days for winter squash use. Excellent flavor. read more

Squash - Winter


Table Queen not available yet, check back later
1608 Cucurbita pepo (90 days) Open-pollinated. Classic heirloom. Black-green ribbed 1.5-2 lb fruit. read more


1628 Cucurbita maxima (95 days) Open-pollinated. Classic New England favorite. 3-4 lb dark green fruit with flattened top and square shoulders and button on the blossom end. read more


Burpee’s Butterbush - Organic
1683 Cucurbita moschata (87 days) Open-pollinated. Small, 1.5 lb small butternut-type fruit with a small seed cavity and distinctive deep orange colored flesh. read more
1687 Cucurbita moschata (105 days) Open-pollinated. Classic. 9" long buff tan fruit weighing 4-5 lb. Our best-selling winter squash. read more
Waltham - Organic
1688 Cucurbita moschata (105 days) Open-pollinated. Classic. 9" long buff tan fruit weighing 4-5 lb. Our best-selling winter squash. read more


Sweet Dumpling
1614 Cucurbita pepo (100 days) Open-pollinated. Classic heirloom. 1-1.5 lb fruit has ivory skin with green stripes. Excellent flavor. read more


Blue Hubbard
1655 Cucurbita maxima (100 days) Open-pollinated. Classic heirloom, full-sized. Blue-grey fruit averages 15-20 lb, but can reach 40 lb. read more


1625 Cucurbita maxima (85 days) F-1 hybrid. 7x4" squash squash with no cup has jade sutures with jade splotches over forest green skin. 2" thick flesh. Early maturing. read more

Specialty & Heirloom Squash

Candy Roaster - Organic not available yet, check back later
1676 Cucurbita maxima (112 days) Open-pollinated. Appalachian heirloom. Somewhat warty pinkish-orange buttercup-shaped fruits with blue-green markings. Averages two fruits per plant ranging from 5-25 lb each. read more
Specialty & Heirloom Squash
Galeux d’Eysines - Organic
1672 Cucurbita maxima (98 days) Open-pollinated. Unique French heirloom. Round slightly flattened 15 lb fruit has salmon-peach skin covered in peanut-like warts. Lovely, or ugly? read more
Marina di Chioggia not available yet, check back later
1673 Cucurbita maxima (100 days) Open-pollinated. Unique Italian heirloom. Gorgeous aquamarine to dark green 15 lb fruit. Round, flattened with bumps and ridges read more
Specialty & Heirloom Squash
Seminole - Organic
1693 Cucurbita moschata (110 days) Open-pollinated. Buff tear-drop shaped 7 lb fruit with very hard rind stores long. Delicious deep orange flesh. Seminole heirloom. read more
Specialty & Heirloom Squash
1618 Cucurbita maxima (100 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom banana-type. Slate-blue obpyriform 6-8+ lb fruit. Average 12" long. Excellent flavor and good storage. read more
Sweet Meat not available yet, check back later
1668 Cucurbita maxima (95 days) Open-pollinated. Classic Northwest heirloom. Slightly flattened round 12-15 lb fruit with slate-grey skin. read more


Paste Tomatoes

Paste Tomato
Sheboygan - Organic
4134 Lycopersicon esculentum (80 days) Open-pollinated. Lithuanian heirloom; productive pink 6-oz paste, subtly tapered to a rounded tip. Smooth full flavor. read more
Paste Tomato
Speckled Roman - Organic
4138 Lycopersicon esculentum (85 days) Open-pollinated. Red paste with psychedelic orange-yellow striations, distictive nipple, 4-5 oz. Makes rich sweet tomatoey sauce. read more

Slicing Tomatoes

Slicing Tomato
Black Krim - Organic
4061 Lycopersicon esculentum (80 days) Open-pollinated. Iridescent purple with dark green shoulders, 12-18 oz, oblate with catfacing. Ripe when half green and firm. Dark juicy meaty interiors smoky, exquisite. read more
Cherokee Purple - Organic not available yet, check back later
4059 Lycopersicon esculentum (77 days) Open-pollinated. Dusky brownish-purple with green shoulders, 10-13 oz, round to slightly oblate. Brick-red flesh. One of the best-tasting heirlooms. read more
Slicing Tomato
Cosmonaut Volkov - Organic
4038 Lycopersicon esculentum (65 days) Open-pollinated. Deep red slightly flattened 8-12 oz globes. Always tasty, occasionally sublime. Superb home-garden variety with commercial potential. read more
Slicing Tomato
Paul Robeson - Organic
4060 Lycopersicon esculentum (78 days) Open-pollinated. Maroon-brick with dark green shoulders, 6-12 oz, oblate often bi-lobed. A distinctive sweet smoky flavor. read more
Slicing Tomato
Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye - Organic
4041 Lycopersicon esculentum (68 days) Open-pollinated. The color of port with metallic green stripes. Great flavor, productivity, size, disease tolerance. Usually bi-lobed, avg 9 oz. Holds well in field. read more
Slicing Tomato
Pink Brandywine - Organic
4075 Lycopersicon esculentum (82 days) Open-pollinated. The famous Brandywine whose sublime flavor put heirlooms on the map. Pink 1 lb oblate meaty beefsteak fruits. Potato-leaf foliage. read more
Slicing Tomato
Weaver’s Black Brandywine
4086 Lycopersicon esculentum (85 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as True Black Brandywine. Rich and peaty flattened large heirloom beefsteak looks coal-dusted over crimson, with shadows of green, purple and brown. read more

Small-Fruited Tomatoes

Small-Fruited Tomato
Aosta Valley - Organic
4031 Lycopersicon esculentum
(65 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. From the mountainous region of NW Italy comes a short-season tomato with... read more
Small-Fruited Tomato
Flaming Burst
4112 Lycopersicon esculentum (70 days) Open-pollinated. Golden mini pears cluster on a steadily productive plant. Juicy, sweet, tangy; better flavor than most yellows. read more
Small-Fruited Tomato
Sweet Aperitif
4111 Lycopersicon esculentum (70 days) Open-pollinated. Bright red ⅞" Aperitif is sized like a huge currant or very small cherry. Sweet little jewels. read more
Small-Fruited Tomato
Tropical Sunset - Organic
4035 Lycopersicon esculentum (65 days) Open-pollinated. Orange and rosy streaked beach-party bicolor 1" tender-skinned round cherry. Fruity, sweet, mild acid. read more


Red & Pink Flesh

Blacktail Mountain - Organic not available yet, check back after Late February
1003 Citrullus lanatus (71 days) Open-pollinated. Modern classic. Crunchy orange-red flesh. Dark green to nearly black round 4-15 lb fruit. Extra early and hardy. read more
Red & Pink Flesh
Crimson Sweet - Organic
1063 Citrullus lanatus (90 days) Open-pollinated. Large shipper. Crisp very dark red flesh. Nearly round 25 lb fruit with dark green stripes on light green base. read more
Red & Pink Flesh
Moon and Stars - Organic
1072 Citrullus lanatus (100 days) Open-pollinated. Pink flesh. Large heirloom, round-to-oblong 10-20 lb fruit has dark green skin with yellow spots. read more
Quetzali - Organic not available yet, check back later
1043 Citrullus lanatus (85 days) Open-pollinated. Shipper. Reddish-pink flesh. Round to oval 9-12 lb fruit with dark green skin splotched with lime green. read more
Red & Pink Flesh
Sugar Baby - Organic
1028 Citrullus lanatus (80 days) Open-pollinated. Classic icebox. Deep red flesh. Very dark green 8-10 lb fruit. Early reliable standard for the North. read more

Yellow & Orange Flesh

Yellow & Orange Flesh
Orangeglo - Organic
1067 Citrullus lanatus (90 days) Open-pollinated. Bright orange flesh is juicy and refreshing with an almost tropical flavor. Adapted to the Northeast. read more