Early Wonder Tall Top Beet - Organic


Early Wonder Tall Top Beet - Organic

(48 days) Open-pollinated. The beet that can’t be beat in our customers’ estimation, loved by commercial growers and home gardeners alike. We sell more than 5,000 packets per year. Selected for earliness from Crosby’s Egyptian and introduced in 1911. Quick emergence in cold soil and attractive purple tops make Wonder the choice for early beet greens and bunching beets. In their 1916 catalog F.H. Woodruff & Sons of Medford, Conn., claimed to be the largest beet-seed growers in the U.S. and the originators of Early Wonder.

2109 Early Wonder Tall Top - Organic
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Additional Information


Beta vulgaris

⅛ oz packet sows 20 ft; 1 oz sows 160 ft.

Culture: Hardy and easy to grow. Can be sown almost as soon as ground can be worked. Thin by harvesting greens with baby beets. Beets left to mature to full size should be at least 3" apart.

Minimum germination temperature 40°, optimal range 60–85°.

Disease: CLS: Cercospora Leaf Spot
CLS looks like someone shot a series of small target-like circles in the foliage. Prolonged periods of rainfall and high humidity exacerbate this disease. In serious cases the spots darken and extend. Rotating crops, removing plant debris, and wider spacing to ensure adequate air circulation are preventive measures.

Scab, the same disease that afflicts potatoes, causes rough brown spots on the skin. Adequate irrigation is a preventive.