Shipping Schedule

Scionwood and early rootstock orders orders ship around March 11, depending on weather and conditions. Only scionwood twigs and grafting rootstocks can be shipped during this period; scionwood is only shipped mid-March.

We ship everything else approximately March 26 through early May. We begin with warmer areas, working our way to coldest areas last. We cannot accommodate specific ship date requests or guarantee your order will arrive on a certain day. If you are out-of-town during our shipping dates, consider having your plants shipped to a friend or neighbor to care for them until you return.

We will keep our website updated with our approximate shipping schedule by state so you can get an idea of when your order will ship.

If you’re in New England, your order may take 1-2 business days to arrive once shipped. Outside New England, it may take several business days. You will receive an automatic email confirmation with tracking information when your order ships.

Shipping Charges

We ship via FedEx or Priority Mail, our choice unless you specify. We strive to make our shipping charges fair, and it is a challenge. Since most packages we send with trees and shrubs are subject to expensive charges for oversized boxes and heavy weights, we have a category of small and light items that cost less to ship.

Small & Light shipping applies only to orders in the Lower 48 that exclusively contain item numbers beginning with L: perennials, bulbs, strawberries, rhubarb, hops, asparagus, scionwood and more. If you order other items in addition to these, you must pay the higher shipping rate.

All item #s in your order begin with L: Maine Small & Light flat rate $10
Otherwise, Maine regular flat rate $25
Alaska, Hawaii, or addresses that require postal delivery
Adjusted Total up to $129 $27
Adjusted Total > $129 21% of Adj Total
All other U.S. states
All item #s in your order begin with L (Small & Light shipping) Adj Total up to $59 $10
Adj Total > $59 17% of Adj Total
Otherwise, Regular Shipping Adj Total up to $147 $25
Adj Total > $147 17% of Adj Total