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Cane Fruit


385 Midsummer. Moderately large and quite juicy fruit with true blackberry taste. Highly productive. Z3/4. read more



Eastern White Cedar low stock
443 Thuja occidentalis 20-60'. Narrow and tall with twiggy branches, soft fibrous orange-brown bark, and distinct flat foliage. Good for screens and hedges. Z2. read more


Balsam Fir sold out for orders received after 12/28/21
437 Abies balsamea 45-75'. Native conifers with fragrant boughs used for wreaths. The best Christmas tree! Semi-shade tolerant. Good hedge tree. Z3. read more


Eastern White Pine sold out
442 Pinus strobus 100'+. Magnificent and massive when mature. Smooth bark becomes rough, deeply furrowed with age. Makes a beautiful hedge. Shade tolerant. Z3. read more


White Spruce
440 Picea glauca 60-90' x 10-20'. Native conifer, one of the best trees for wind blocks and privacy screens. Adaptable and tolerant to wind, drought and cold. Z2. read more



580 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 6-10". Low-growing evergreen groundcover. Can spread to 15'. Pinkish-white flowers in spring. Small red berries persist into winter. Self-pollinating. Z2. read more


Wintergreen sold out
L585 Gaultheria procumbens 6-10". Aromatic evergreen native groundcover. Glossy dark green leaves. Bell-shaped white flowers in June. Vivid red berries. Self-pollinating. Z3. read more

Medicinal Perennials

Bee Balms

Wild Bergamot - Organic sold out for orders received after 1/11/22
L768 Monarda fistulosa 2-4' tall. Our native wildflower species with aromatic lavender blossoms. This is the variety most commonly used for medicinal purposes. Z3. read more

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh sold out
L752 Actaea racemosa 6-10' tall. Long arching racemes of creamy white and gold serpentine flower spikes. Flowers late July into August. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory. Woodland native. Z3. read more


Boneset - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L760 Eupatorium perfoliatum 5-7' tall. Flat-topped clusters of white to lavender flowerheads. Stimulates the immune system. Fetching addition to the perennial border. Z3. read more


Purple Coneflower sold out for orders received after 1/11/22
L759 Echinacea purpurea 3-5' tall. Spiny seedheads are a beautiful coppery yellow-brown, surrounded by a single row of reflexed lavender-purple petals. Tinctured roots boost the immune system. Z3. read more

Mountain Mint

Mountain Mint - Organic sold out
L770 Pycnanthemum virginianum 30" tall. Makes a tasty minty tea traditionally used to settle indigestion. Spreads readily. Densely flowered, attracts pollinators. Native. Z4. read more


Sweetflag sold out for orders received after 12/28/21
L751 Acorus americanus 24-36" tall. Water-loving bog plant with broad sword-like foliage that smells sweetly of citrus and vanilla when crushed. Roots traditionally used as an aromatic bitter for digestive upsets. Z3. read more


Blue Vervain - Organic sold out
L774 Verbena hastata 5-7' tall. Elegant tall branching spikes of vibrant blue-purple flowers. Attracts pollinators. Commonly used as a nervous-system tonic and mild sedative. Full sun. Native to North America. Z3. read more

Nut Trees


Butternut sold out for orders received after 12/08/21
408 Juglans cinerea 40-60' x same. Very large impressive shade tree with broad open crown. Produces oblong edible nuts. Nice cabinet wood. Native. Z3. read more


American Chestnut sold out for orders received after 12/18/21
405 Castanea dentata Up to 100'. Once common in the eastern US. Important food source for people and wildlife. Not immune to blight but likely to thrive 10-30 years. Fast growing and precocious. Z4. read more


American Hazelnut
407 Corylus americana 12-18' x 10-15'. Multi-stemmed native shrub with sweet nuts. Showy catkins in spring. Patchwork of colors in autumn. Can bear in 3-5 years. Z4. read more


Black Walnut
409 Juglans nigra 70-90'. Spectacular shade tree with open rounded crown. Nuts have sweet earthy rich flavor. May begin to bear in 5-10 years. Z4. read more

Perennial Plants


Butterfly Weed sold out
L691 Asclepias tuberosa Vivid tangerine-orange clusters of flowers in summer atop slender fuzzy stems, covered with green lance-shaped leaves. 24" tall. Z4. read more
Swamp Red Milkweed - Organic sold out
L690 Asclepias incarnata 5' tall. Unique flat-topped clusters of upturned red-rose-colored flowers. Long willow-like leaves. Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Native. Z3. read more


New England Aster - Organic sold out
L746 Symphyotrichum novae-angliae 4-6' tall. North American native. Blooms range from blue-purple to lavender-pink with yellow eyes. Z3. read more


Scotch Bellflower - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L693 Campanula rotundifolia 12" tall. Delicate papery lavender-blue bells nod on slender curved stems. Blooms June-Sept. Drought-tolerant. Thrives in dry gravelly soil; moist well-drained soil works too. Full to part sun. Z2. read more


Bunchberry sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L696 Cornus canadensis 3–8" tall. Woodland native with creamy-white flowers that form clusters of edible scarlet berries. Stunning en masse. Attracts wildlife. Z2. read more


Wild Columbine - Organic sold out for orders received after 11/23/21
L686 Aquilegia canadensis 12-24" tall. This eastern North American native features delicate red-spurred sepals with yellow petaled skirts. Blooms late May to early June. Irresistible to hummingbirds! Z3. read more

Culver’s Root

Culver’s Root - Organic sold out
L749 Veronicastrum virginicum 4-6' tall. Elegant towering native plant sends up large flower spikes with densely clustered tiny white blossoms. Attracts pollinators. Z3. read more


Leatherwood Fern sold out for orders received after 12/28/21
L703 Dryopteris marginalis 24" tall. Strong stems and slightly glossy leathery grey-green fronds make this one of the best ferns for floral arrangements. Evergreen leaves live through winter. Z3. read more
Maidenhair Fern sold out
L702 Adiantum pedatum 10-12" tall. Tiny ginkgo-like green leaves line glossy black stems. Delicate whorled form. Nursery propagated. Z2. read more
Royal Fern sold out
L704 Osmunda regalis Soft and wavy deciduous lance-shaped light green fronds can reach 3' long. Very showy. Reaches up to 6' tall and more than 9' wide at maturity. Z2. read more

Foxglove Beardtongue

Foxglove Beardtongue - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L737 Penstemon digitalis 3' tall. Beckon the birds and bees to your garden with these white to light pink spires covered with nodding tubular bell-shaped flowers. Z3. read more


Spotted Cranesbill sold out
L706 Geranium maculatum 24" tall. Also called Wild Geranium. Clusters of single 1¼" wide pinkish-lilac saucer-shaped flowers. Attracts beneficial insects. Native. Z4. read more


Stiff Goldenrod - Organic sold out
L727 Oligoneuron rigidum 2-5' tall. The gorgeous yellow-gold vibrancy of goldenrod packed into a dense, showy, flat-topped cluster. Attractive lush slate-green foliage. Z3. read more


Northern Blue Flag
L720 Iris versicolor 30-36" tall. Northeastern native species with gorgeous blue-violet flowers with bold purple veining and a white and lemon-yellow blaze. Early. Z2. read more


Jack-in-the-Pulpit sold out
L687 Arisaema triphyllum 12–24" tall. Magical Northeastern woodland native prefers dappled shade and moist rich woodland soil. Appears midspring. Z3. read more

Joe Pye Weed

Spotted Joe Pye Weed - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L701 Eutrochium maculatum 4-7' tall. Whimsical flat-topped terminal flower clusters bloom mid-July into August. Seed clusters add unique interest to the winter landscape. Attracts pollinators. Z4. read more


Turtlehead crop failure, out of stock to all orders
L694 Chelone obliqua 2–3' tall. Deep-green leaves topped by elegant spikes of pink hooded flowers shaped like a turtle’s head. Native. Deer resistant. Will flourish in a range of soils. Z4. read more

Wild Ginger

Canadian Wild Ginger sold out
L689 Asarum canadense 6–12" tall. Heart-shaped leaves up to 7" wide spread into a beautiful groundcover. Aromatic roots used medicinally. Needs shade. Z3. read more

Shade Trees


Paper Birch
419 Betula papyrifera 30-70' x 30'. Medium-sized tree with magnificent chalk-white peeling bark. Valuable wood. Bark used for traditional crafts. Z3. read more
Yellow Birch
417 Betula allegheniensis 60-75' x 40-50'. Deep golden-yellow exfoliating bark glows with a satiny sheen. Twigs make a wonderful tea. Shade-tolerant and adaptable. Native to eastern N. America. Z3. read more


422 Celtis occidentalis 40-60' x same. Long-lived shade tree with corky ridged bark and spreading crown. Very adaptable, tolerates shade, wind and pollution. Leaves support butterflies, fruit feeds wildlife. Z3. read more


Eastern Hophornbeam
424 Ostrya virginiana 20-40' x 15-20'. Small native upland understory tree is tougher than nails. Shaggy bark. Seeds mature in papery cones resembling hops. Z3. read more


American Linden
431 Tilia americana 60-80' x same. Tall stately tree with rounded crown and low-hung spreading branches. Sweetly fragrant yellow June flowers. Z3. read more


Sugar Maple
416 Acer saccharum 50-100'. Largest of our native maples. Colorful fall foliage. Valued for shade, syrup and lumber. Boil sap to make real maple syrup. Z3. read more


Musclewood sold out for orders received after 12/01/21
420 Carpinus caroliniana 10-40' x same. A small floodplain or understory tree with long crooked branches and smooth grey ribbed bark. Striking foliage in fall. Z2. read more


Bur Oak
427 Quercus macrocarpa 70-80' x same. Hardiest of the white oaks with a deeply grooved massive trunk and a wide-spreading crown. Dark green foliage. Large fringed acorns. Z3. read more
Chestnut Oak low stock
428 Quercus montana 50-70' x same. Dark yellow-green lustrous fuzzy leaves with scalloped edges resemble chestnut leaves. Acorns are important browse for wildlife. Native to eastern U.S. Z4. read more
Red Oak sold out
429 Quercus rubra 60-75' x 45'. The most common oak in northern New England. Magnificent open rounded crown. Fast growing. Tolerant of different conditions. Z4. read more
Swamp White Oak sold out
426 Quercus bicolor 50-60' x same. Massive rounded shade tree with short deeply ridged trunk and fan of branches. Yellow to reddish-purple fall foliage. Native. Z3. read more
White Oak sold out
425 Quercus alba 50-80' x same. Spectacular broad irregularly rounded oak. Wood valued for lumber and firewood. Slow growing and long-lived. Z3. read more

Small Trees and Shrubs


508 Myrica pensylvanica 5-10' x same. Rounded deciduous semi-evergreen very salt-tolerant shrub. Fragrant glossy deep green leaves. Small greyish-blue waxy berries. Tends toward being dioecious. Z2. read more

Beach Plum

Beach Plum
511 Prunus maritima 6' x 5-6'. Rounded dense suckering shrub found along ocean beaches. Showy white blooms in spring. Edible plums in late summer. Plant two for fruit. Z3. read more

Black Haw

Black Haw sold out
568 Viburnum prunifolium 12-15' x 8-12'. Rounded shrub with creamy white cymes in early spring. Suckering habit, but can be pruned. Bluish-black edible fruit clusters in fall. Z3. read more


458 Cephalanthus occidentalis 6-10' x 8'. Loose rounded branchy shrub with masses of ornamental blooms that appear 4–6 weeks in summer. Attracts pollinators. Z4. read more


Black Chokeberry Seedling
454 Aronia melanocarpa 3-6' x same. Each one is genetically unique. Plant several for an attractive edible hedge. Z3/4. read more
Red Chokeberry Seedling
451 Aronia arbutifolia 6-10' x 3-6'. Each one is genetically unique. Beautiful in mass plantings and borders. Plant several in a hedge and make the birds happy! Z3/4. read more


Pagoda Dogwood sold out
461 Cornus alternifolia 20' x 30-35'. Small tree or large multi-stemmed shrub with tiers of horizontal branches and fragrant white 2-3" flower clusters. Z3. read more
Redosier Dogwood
466 Cornus sericea 8-10'. Multi-stemmed spreading shrub excellent for hedges and borders. Red stems admirable in the winter. Valuable native wildlife plant. Z2. read more
Roundleaf Dogwood
484 Cornus rugosa 6-10'. Rare native shrub or small tree found in woodland understories, forest edges and riparian floodplains in North Eastern and Central U.S. Great for shade gardens, steep slopes and hedges. Z4. read more
Silky Dogwood
483 Cornus amomum 8-12' x same. Large rounded long-limbed shrub. Effective for erosion control, wildlife or pollinator habitat. Maroon bark visible in winter. Suckers and spreads. Native to eastern U.S. Z4. read more


Elderberry Seedling
550 Sambucus canadensis 6-12' x same. Each grown from a cold-hardy seed and will be a totally unique plant. Some of our best plants grew from batches of such seedlings. Z3. read more


Northern Bush Honeysuckle
474 Diervilla lonicera 2-4' x 2-5'. Clusters of yellow tubular flowers attract pollinators. Lustrous green leaves emerge with a hint of bronze. Good for erosion control. Z3. read more


Mountain Maple sold out for orders received after 12/08/21
447 Acer spicatum 10-20' x 10-15'. Small bushy understory tree with a presence across the state of Maine. Can form dense thickets, often multi-trunked and good at erosion control on slopes. Adaptable. Native. Z3. read more


485 Spiraea alba var. latifolia 3-6' x same. Thicket-forming, mound-shaped, woody native shrub with tiny, fragrant, white flowers. Great for pollinator gardens and natural landscaping. Z3. read more


566 Viburnum lentago 15-20' x 10-12'. Large shrub with edible blue-black berries. Large clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers. Plant multiples for good pollination. Z2. read more


Carolina Rose low stock
520 Rosa carolina 2-4' x 5-10'. Single light pink 5-petaled flowers emerge May-June. Small red hips in fall. Found along streams, roads and open woods throughout New England. Full sun to partial shade. Native. Z2. read more


Allegheny Serviceberry sold out for orders received after 11/14/21
449 Amelanchier laevis 15-25'. Leaves of this understory tree unfold purplish-orange bronzed color in spring. Pendulous white blossoms. Berries ripen midsummer. Z2. read more


American Smoketree sold out for orders received after 1/4/22
468 Cotinus obovatus 20-30' x same. Rare and exquisite. Colorful, eye-catching foliage! Fuzzy pink “hairs” give tree a smoky misty quality. Z4. read more


Spicebush sold out for orders received after 12/14/21
481 Lindera benzoin 6-12' x 8-12'. Large rounded multi-stemmed fragrant native shrub suited to moist or wet areas. Soft-yellow flowers. Glossy red edible berries. Z5. read more


Steeplebush sold out
556 Spiraea tomentosa 2-4' x same. Adorable little plant. Rosy pink steeples emerge as terminal spikes about 4–6" tall. Easy to grow. A must for every butterfly garden. Z3. read more


Fragrant Sumac
513 Rhus aromatica 5-6' x 6-8'. Leaves emit a pleasing aroma when crushed. Phenomenal fall colors. Adaptable and easy to transplant. Useful in erosion control. Native to eastern U.S. Z3. read more

Wild Raisin

Northern Wild Raisin sold out for orders received after 1/4/22
565 Viburnum cassinoides 5-6' x same. Dense suckering native shrub. White flowers from spring to early summer. Edible black fruit. Plant more than one for fruit. Z3. read more

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel
477 Hamamelis virginiana 8-20' x same. Small fall-flowering tree or large shrub. Brilliant golden-yellow fall color. Quirky yellow flowers in early to mid November. Z3. read more



L397 Apios americana Nitrogen-fixing leguminous perennial twining vine with edible tubers. Prefers moist sandy soil. Full to partial sun. Z3. read more