Sunrise Serenade Morning Glory


Sunrise Serenade Morning Glory

Ipomoea nil
A recently rediscovered heirloom double morning glory. I first caught a glimpse of an unstaked plant snaking along in the undergrowth of a friend’s garden and was arrested by the large 1–3" ruby-red blooms with white throats. As I bent closer, I was amazed by the frilly slightly wavy extra petals. A vigorous 12–15' plant, it needs to be tied up in order to climb. When thus displayed, the flowers contrast nicely with the heart-shaped green leaves. Often the first morning glory to bloom, also stays open longer than the singles. Annual.

5274 Sunrise Serenade
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Additional Information

Morning Glory

Annual. Easily grown climber with trumpet-shaped flowers provides color and shade, decorates fence or post.

Culture: Plant with eastern exposure for best results. Nick the seeds with a file and soak overnight to speed germination. Germinates in 2 weeks at 75–80°. Sow outdoors after danger of frost or indoors in peat pots as they resent transplanting. Overly rich soil will yield excess foliage and sparse blooms. ~25 seeds/g.


All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted.

Days in parentheses after a variety indicate days to first bloom.

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