Noir de Russie Scorzonera

Noir de Russie
(120 days) Scorzonera hispanica Open-pollinated biennial. Scorzonera derives from the Spanish corteza negra or ‘black bark.’ Long narrow dark-skinned white-fleshed root is a good source of iron, phosphorus and calcium. Although not handsome, it is prized by gourmet cooks in Europe for its distinctive flavor, and used like potatoes in haute cuisine. Much of the flavor resides in the dark skin so do not peel before cooking. Has a firm smooth texture, not sweet like many root vegetables. Culture like parsnips, overwintering in the field and pulling as needed. Flavor improves after a hard frost. Has only limited storage in root cellars, nor does it can or freeze well, so use right after harvest. Seed is short-lived; germ test old seed in paper towels before sowing.

2322 Noir de Russie
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