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Black Oxford
107 Winter. Uniquely dark fruit with well-balanced flavor. Excellent pies and cider. Maine heirloom. Best eating late Dec. to March. Great keeper. Z4. read more
120 Fall-Winter. Medium-large size, fine-grained, crisp, tender, juicy. All-purpose. Annual producer of heavy crops. Bears young. Z4. read more
130 Fall-Winter. The most distinctive, complex, unusually flavored apple you'll ever try! Hardy, productive, reliable. A staff favorite. Z3. read more
Golden Russet
131 Winter. Medium-sized russet apple. The champagne of cider apples, and excellent for eating. Keeps well into spring. Scab-resistant. Z4. read more
Pound Sweet
161 Fall. Famous New England cooking apple. Firm coarse flesh tinged with yellow. Sweet unusual flavor. Z4. read more
Sidrunkollane Talioun
203 Late Summer. Medium-large blocky yellow fruit from Estonia. Best suited for cooking. Ripens mid-September. Precocious. Z4. read more
188 Fall. Medium-sized. Perfect texture and complex flavor. Famous all-purpose variety. Especially good pies. Small-med size tree. Z3. read more
Wolf River
198 Fall. Huge fruit with firm but tender flesh. Aromatic tart flavor. Famous old-time apple. Excellent cooking and drying. Scab-resistant. Z3. read more

Cider Apples

Bitter Pewsold out
240 Fall. Bittersharp cider apple, suited to adding large amounts of tannin to cider. Medium-sized fruit. Not for eating fresh. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Coat Jersey
224 Early Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. Small fruit with high sugar content. Astringent, bitter and wooly with flavors of banana and black tea. Z4/5. read more
Cider Apple
238 Fall. Highly unusual apple and tree. Flavor reminiscent of wet wool, grapefruit pith, bourbon, caramel and hair salon. Not bitter, but sharp and astringent. Sauce and cider. Z3. read more


Pie Cherries

Galaxysold out
342 Prunus cerasus Late Summer. Montmorency type. Large dark red ½–¾" fruit. Naturally stocky open growth habit. Bears heavy consistent crops. Z3. read more

Sweet Cherries

Leningradsold out
334 Prunus avium Summer. Good-quality dark red fruit. Survived –30° with minimal winterkill in central Maine. Vigorous. Requires second variety for pollination. Z4. read more



Dawn Redwood
476 Metasequoia glyptostroboides 100'. A spectacular ornamental tree! Wide trunk with iridescent golden-orange bark and bright green deciduous needles turn orange in the fall. Z4. read more

Nut Trees


Hybrid Chestnut Seedlingsold out
457 Castanea 50-70' x 30-40'. Hybrid crosses of mixed parentage. All parent trees show excellent blight resistance. Begins flowering at 5 years, reaching full maturity at 15–20 years. Z4. read more


Canadian Harmonysold out
349 Prunus persica Midseason. Medium-large freestone fruit. Yellow firm juicy flesh. Sweet melting flavor with slight acidity. For fresh eating, canning, and freezing. Consistently heavy bearing. Z4. read more
Lars Andersonsold out
350 Prunus persica Early. Large juicy sweet yellow-fleshed freestone fruit. Tastes just like a peach should taste! Z5. read more

Perennial Plants


‘Fooled Me’
L772 Hemerocallis 24" tall. Outlandish 5½" flowers with golden-yellow bases, standout sienna-red eye-rings and matching picotee edges. High bud count and bold colors! Z2. read more
‘Pardon Me’sold out
L773 Hemerocallis 18" tall. Multiplies quickly and blooms till the cows come home! This unusually colorfast red daylily won’t fade or wash out in rain and sun. Z2. read more

Shade Trees


Yellow Birchsold out
462 Betula allegheniensis 60-75' x 40-50'. Deep golden-yellow bark glows with a satiny sheen. Valuable timber. Twigs make a wonderful tea. Shade-tolerant and adaptable. Z3. read more


472 Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis 50' x 30-35'. Beautiful fast-growing nitrogen-fixing tree. Good for erosion control. Tolerates drought, pollution, salt, disease and insects. Z4. read more

Small Trees and Shrubs

Carolina Silverbells

Carolina Silverbellssold out
512 Halesia carolina 20-40' x 15-30'. Small tree or large multi-stemmed shrub. Edible flowers and fruit. Beautiful addition to woodland gardens! Native to Appalachia. Z4. read more


Camelotsold out
526 Malus 10x8'. Single fuchsia-pink blooms tinted white. Ragged open wide-spreading form. Persistent burgundy fruit. Disease resistant. Z4. read more
Purple Princesold out for orders received after 1/1/21
534 Malus 20x20'. Single purple-pink flowers. Purple-bronze foliage. Half-inch blue-purple persistent fruit. Z3. read more
535 Malus 8-10' x 20-30'. Pink buds and profuse pure-white fragrant single flowers. Very small dark red-purple persistent fruit. Z4. read more
Solon Hotelsold out
536 Malus 25x25'. Deep red-pink buds and soft white-pink fragrant blossoms. Heavy bloomer. Looks like a snowstorm when it drops petals in a breeze. Z3/4. read more

Highbush Cranberries

‘Phillips’sold out for orders received after 12/23/20
610 Viburnum trilobum 8-12' x same. Medicinal multi-stemmed native shrub. Edible berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Selected for superior flavor. Self-pollinating. Native. Z2. read more

Osage Orange

Osage Orange
518 Maclura pomifera 35-60' x same. Long-lived native shade tree. Strong orange rot-resistant wood. Great for fences or hedges. Strange grapefruit-sized fruits inedible for humans. Seed collected in Maine. Z4. read more


570 Rosa 3x3'. Compact bushy shrub-type everblooming rose. Semi-double lightly fragrant velvety red flowers. Prolific blooms all season. Z4. read more
‘Charles de Mills’
571 Rosa gallica 5x5'. Classic old garden rose with large deep pink strongly aromatic flowers. Jaw-dropping beauty! Petals hold on in bouquets. Robust, hardy, easy to grow. Z4. read more



Schisandra Berry
448 Schisandra chinensis 20' or taller. Ornamental vines produce flavorful medicinal berries. Adaptogenic fruit used to build the immune system and rejuvenate the body. Z4. read more