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Canada Reinette
115 Winter. Medium-large all-purpose russet apple. Firm, moderately tender, coarse, juicy, subacid, and very good. Still a very popular commercial variety in Europe. Great keeper. Hardy. Z3/4. read more
Egremont Russet sold out
126 Late Fall. High-quality flavorful dessert apple. Rugged, reliable and hardy, it has produced for us here in central Maine for nearly 30 years. Blooms early-midseason. Z4. read more
Fletcher Sweet
130 Early Fall. Medium solid green fruit is refreshing, mild, incredibly juicy and very crisp. Texture reminiscent of Asian pear or water chestnut. Keeps until Dec. No scab. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
Golden Ball
133 Fall. Best suited to cooking. Dense sweet yellowish flesh makes a superior sauce: fragrant, aromatic, soft textured, slightly tart, golden yellow. Z4. read more
Kandil Sinap
145 Fall-Winter. Originated in Turkey. Unusual tall, narrow shape. Sweet-tart with high flavor. Suitable for smaller gardens and yards. Z4. read more
Moore’s Late Sweet sold out
154 Winter. All-purpose apple good for dessert, cooking, cider, molasses. Very sweet firm flesh. Heavy yields. Z4. read more
173 Fall-Winter. Medium-sized juicy tender crisp lively lively dessert apple. Exceptionally delicious Maine heirloom. Blooms early midseason. Z4. read more
179 Fall-Winter. Medium-sized, crisp, juicy, sweet, dessert apple of German origin. Intense rich flavor. Stores till midwinter. Late midseason bloomer. Z5. read more
Windham Russet sold out
186 Late Fall. Distinctly bumpy rough texture. Highly flavored. Excellent dessert apple for the connoisseur. Z4. read more


Pie Cherries

Pie Cherry
English Morello
316 Summer. Very dark red-black-skinned pie cherry. Dark red flesh and juice. Recommended for pies and all other cookery. Z4/5. read more
Pie Cherry
Montmorency sold out
314 Summer. French heirloom. Most famous of all pie cherries. Aromatic firm-fleshed bright red fruit makes a clear light pink juice. Great for processing. Z3/4. read more

Nut Trees


Hybrid Chestnut Seedling sold out
411 Castanea 50-70' x 30-40'. Hybrid crosses of mixed parentage. All parent trees show excellent blight resistance. Begins flowering at 5 years, reaching full maturity at 15–20 years. Z4. read more


Lars Anderson sold out
321 Early. Large juicy sweet yellow-fleshed freestone fruit. Tastes just like a peach should taste! Z5. read more
Madison sold out
322 Late. Medium-large fruit with fine-textured juicy flesh. Excellent sweet rich flavor. Freestone, good canner. Ripens late Sept. Very productive. Z4. read more


Asian Pears

Shinseiki sold out
302 Late Summer. Medium-sized Asian pear, with little to no russeting. White crisp flesh. Keeps about three months. Precocious and productive tree. Disease resistant. Z4/5. read more

European Pears

European Pear
268 Fall. Small heirloom dessert pear with rich, melting, aromatic flesh. Ripens late Sept to early Oct. Vigorous tree. Bears biennially. Rare. Z4. read more
European Pear
Comptesse Clara Frijs sold out
272 Summer. Medium-sized rather thick-skinned fruit with buttery aromatic juicy flesh. Nectar-like flavor. Keeps for a month. Z4. read more
European Pear
Diel sold out
274 Late Fall. Medium-sized dessert pear with sweet, tender, juicy flesh. Excellent keeper. Vigorous tree. Good yields. Rare. Z4. read more
Nova sold out
278 Late Summer. Large dessert pear with melting juicy flesh, smooth creamy texture and thin skin. Wonderful dessert pear. Great for canning. Z3. read more
European Pear
Vicar of Winkfield sold out
284 Winter. French heirloom from 1760. Large fruit with dry flesh and strong musky aroma. Best used for cooking or perry. Excellent keeper. Very old and rare. Z4. read more

Shade Trees


Yellow Birch
417 Betula allegheniensis 60-75' x 40-50'. Deep golden-yellow exfoliating bark glows with a satiny sheen. Twigs make a wonderful tea. Shade-tolerant and adaptable. Native to eastern N. America. Z3. read more


423 Ginkgo biloba 50-80'. Slow-growing, long-lived tree with unique fan-shaped foliage. Leaf tea used medicinally. Very adaptable and tolerant. Minimal maintenance required. Z4. read more


Chestnut Oak low stock
428 Quercus montana 50-70' x same. Dark yellow-green lustrous fuzzy leaves with scalloped edges resemble chestnut leaves. Acorns are important browse for wildlife. Native to eastern U.S. Z4. read more
Red Oak sold out
429 Quercus rubra 60-75' x 45'. The most common oak in northern New England. Magnificent open rounded crown. Fast growing. Tolerant of different conditions. Z4. read more

Small Trees and Shrubs


McKenzie Black Chokeberry sold out
452 Aronia melanocarpa 5-10' x same. Cultivar selected for use in windbreaks and wildlife conservation plantings. Fruits abundantly. Medicinal and edible. Z3. read more


Roundleaf Dogwood
484 Cornus rugosa 6-10'. Rare native shrub or small tree found in woodland understories, forest edges and riparian floodplains in North Eastern and Central U.S. Great for shade gardens, steep slopes and hedges. Z4. read more
Silky Dogwood
483 Cornus amomum 8-12' x same. Large rounded long-limbed shrub. Effective for erosion control, wildlife or pollinator habitat. Maroon bark visible in winter. Suckers and spreads. Native to eastern U.S. Z4. read more


485 Spiraea alba var. latifolia 3-6' x same. Thicket-forming, mound-shaped, woody native shrub with tiny, fragrant, white flowers. Great for pollinator gardens and natural landscaping. Z3. read more


Breda Giant Medlar sold out
505 Mespilus germanica 12-20' x same. Cinnamon-flavored pear-like 2" fruit; a culinary delight. Ripen for several weeks after picking. Great roasted and makes good jelly and paste. Z4/5. read more


Cardinal de Richelieu
519 Rosa gallica 2-3' x 3-4'. Highly fragrant dark purple-burgundy double 3" blooms in midsummer. Can be dried whole. Less thorny than other roses. Rugged and easy to grow. Z3/4. read more
Henry Kelsey
524 Rosa 6-7' x same. One of the best climbing or long-caned varieties for colder climates. Vivid velvety deep red-pink semi-double 3" blooms with brilliant golden stamens. Z3. read more


Coral Bark Willow
537 Salix alba ‘Britzenzis’ 15-30' x 12-15'. Fast-growing shrubby willow with highly ornamental “coral” red bark. Especially beautiful in the winter landscape. Z2. read more

Tender Summer Bulbs


‘Tartan’ Dinnerplate sold out
L782 Dahlia 36-40" tall. Ginormous 7 to 8" flowers, with two-toned burgundy and white petals. Some striped, some solid. Who could resist these brilliant bicolor blooms bursting with beauty? read more
Pompon Surprise Dahlia Mix
L781 Dahlia 36-40" tall. Small pompon-type dahlias with fully double blossoms. A must-have for late summer and fall bouquets. read more