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Fedco Seeds variety changes for 2018

New Seed Varieties for 2018
Gold Rush wax bean OG: Finding an Indy Gold replacement panned out!
Seychelles pole bean: If beans were islands we’d maroon ourselves!
Fast Lady Northern Southern Pea ECO: This bean’s all over the place!
Dolloff Pole dry bean: Thanks Vermont!
Cassia zucchini OG: A zucchini for the people!
Kestrel beet OG: You won’t beet this high flyer!
Oceanside spinach: Ride the gnarly wave of downy mildew resistance!
Jack Ice lettuce OG: As crisp as it sounds!
Garnet Butter Gem lettuce OG: Gemstones and butter? Sign me up!
Carmona lettuce OG: Sexy red butterhead!
Braising Mix: Piles of greens (and purples) all season long!
Bali chard: Stems like lava flows!
Lady Murasaki mustard green: Elegant and so prolific!
Garnet Giant mustard green: Bright baby leaves or giant bold bunches!
Storage #4 cabbage: Not nearly as boring as it sounds!
Floretto 60 cauliflower: Fancy stem-type for the real cauli-sseur!
Takara Shishito pepper: The slender fryer that keeps on coming!
Ambrosia husk cherry ECO: Physalis of the gods!
Aosta Valley tomato OG: Early tomato meets Italian taste standards!
Rutgers 250 tomato OG: Different baby from the same Rutgers parents!
Pocket Star tomato ECO: Stuff your pockets but don’t sit down!
Weaver’s Black Brandywine tomato: Maybe the original black tomato!
Kapoor Tulsi OG: Increases oxygen uptake to the brain! Yes please!
Zloty Lan chamomile: Relax! This variety brings riches!
Ruby Parfait celosia OG: Jewels from the ice cream stand?
Luna Mix hibiscus: Because you miss your old satellite dish!
Painted Lady sweet pea OG: The very first named sweet pea variety!
California Giant zinnia OG: Huge double and bright!
Container Garden Collection: Containers are gardens too!
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Maxibel haricot vert OG: Fanciness to the max!
Blue Coco pole bean OG: Kinda blue sorta chocolatey extra beany!
Maine Sunset dry bean ECO: A pastoral on every bean!
Green Arrow OG: Cupid has your harvest basket in his sights!
Blizzard snow pea OG: The only blizzard you want to bury you!
Opal Creek snap pea: A yellow snap pea if you like that sort of thing!
Prescott Fond Blanc OG: Cantaloupe disguised as a lumpy grey stone!
Montreal Market muskmelon OG: Rare elegant and elusive!
Early Moonbeam watermelon OG: A moon in every cross-section!
Costata Romanesca zucchini OG: All is right in the garden again!
Good Egg Godiva OG naked-seeded pumpkin OG: Risqué snacking!
Golden Detroit beet OG
Skirret: How did you make it through a year without Skirret?!
King Richard leek: We asked if it missed us. It replied Oc e No.
Purple Peacock Gene Pool broccoli OG: Showing off at the pool again!
Charming Snow cauliflower: More charming than the cold icy kind!
Champion collards: Back on the podium!
Baltisk Rod Purpurkal kale OG: Throw a rager in the kaleyard!
Ventura celery OG/BD: Where celery and pro wrestling meet!
Schmmeig Striped Hollow tomato ECO
Honeydrop cherry tomato ECO: Drop these honeys into your salad!
Opalka paste tomato OG: We missed this big old classic!
Vilms paste tomato ECO: Piles of pastes for the pot!
Hog Heart paste tomato OG
Blue Beech paste tomato ECO
Drama Queen poppy OG