Coated and Pelleted Seeds at Fedco

Some of the seeds we sell at Fedco have been processed to improve ease of handling or chances of successful germination. Some seeds arrive from the supplier with coatings, or in pre-formed pellets (see more information below). Fedco is committed to sustainable agricultural practices, and we do not sell seeds that have been altered in ways that do not align with our values. The majority of our seeds are uncoated, and ALL of our seeds are fungicide and neonicotinoid-free.

Seed Coatings

Film Coating is a type of seed enhancement in which seeds are encapsulated in a colorful NOP compliant coating. Coating gives seeds a smoother surface which increases the ease of sowing and attracts less dust. Coating increases the visibility of seeds in soil and makes it easier for seeds to be mechanically sown.

Pelleted Seeds

Some of our carrot, petunia, begonia and other flower seeds are pelleted. Pelleted seeds are coated with an inert substance to create uniformity of size and shape to improve seed handling, visibility, and sowing accuracy. Pelleting also makes machine sowing easier. All of our pelleted organic carrot seeds are NOP compliant.

Fungicidal Seed Treatments

Fedco does not sell seeds that have been treated with fungicides. In agricultural jargon, fungicide-treated seeds are often referred to simply as “treated seeds”, which can be confusing to folks who are unfamiliar with the particular use of that term. As outlined above, Fedco does sell seeds that have been coated or pelleted, which are processes that could be referred to colloquially as “treatments”. Treated seeds are seeds that have been coated with fungicidal treatment.