Group Order Information

Important Updates:

Changes to Fedco's bulk pricing: At the $1,200 threshold, orders from Seeds, Bulbs and Potatoes receive a bulk discount of 10%. Orders from Organic Growers Supply with subtotals $1,200 and above receive bulk pricing.

As of September 2022, Fedco Trees is no longer accepting group orders.

If you are placing a paper order, please read these instructions. Group ordering is only available to U.S. customers.

Instructions for Group Members

  1. First get the group order number, available from your group coordinator. There will be a separate number for each division (Seeds; Potatoes, Onions and Exotics; Organic Growers Supply; and Bulbs), if your coordinator has chosen to coordinate an order from more than one division.
  2. Go to the division in which you are building an order, using the links in the page header. Log in using your own email address.
  3. When you review your order prior to checking out, click the “Part of a Group” checkbox. Then go to “Checkout” and type in the group order number where indicated.
    If you are prompted to enter a credit card number, stop. Back up. You did not choose “Part of a Group”.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you used to log in. Until your coordinator finalizes the order, however, Fedco cannot confirm receipt of your order.

Instructions for Group Coordinators

If you are already familiar with these instructions (seriously, everything will work better if you read the directions), you can skip ahead:

  1. Go to the group coordinator home page by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page (or to the right).
  2. Enter your email address then click the “Log In” button. We will use this address to send you confirmations of your members’ orders, and you will use it to log back in to monitor your group’s activity and to submit your group order.
  3. The first time you log in, you will be asked to enter your name, your group name, the ZIP Code to which orders would be shipped (even if you plan to pick up), and the phone number where we can reach you. Then click on the “Validate Info & Create Account” button. Choose the “Start Order” button for each division of interest, which will assign a number for your group order. The “Start Order” button is greyed out for divisions not currently accepting orders.
  4. Tell your group members the group name and group order number(s), as they will need that information to place their orders online. They should choose “Part of a Group” during checkout, and will need to enter the group order number to add their order to your group order. They will get an email confirmation of their order and you will also get a copy of the email.
  5. Once you have created a group account, you can log in on the group coordinator home page to check on your active group orders and current totals, delete individual orders if needed, complete and submit group orders, and start group orders for other divisions.
  6. Remember that to place your own order as part of the group, you need to follow the instructions for group members, and order exactly as any other group member would.
  7. To complete and submit a group order, log in to the group coordinator page and click the “Check Out & Submit Order” button for the appropriate division. Review the individual orders in your group order. When you have determined that all the members of your group who are going to order have placed orders, choose your shipping method and click “Checkout” to begin to complete the group ordering process and submit the group order to Fedco. Once you submit your group order, the individual ordering process for that order is closed. You may start a new group order (which will have a new order number) if members of your group still want to place orders with the group.
  8. Tax information: Your group order will be taxed according to the taxable status of the group coordinator and the delivery address for the order. Members of the group who do not qualify for tax exemptions are responsible for paying use tax on their purchases to the state (when filing their tax returns).

Please be aware that each piece of an online group order must be placed online. If you have members who cannot place their orders online, consider placing their orders yourself, or submitting a separate group order on paper.