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Dry Beans

Agate Pinto
Agate Pinto ECO sold out, substitute 334.
366AP (92 days) Mostly bush prolific pinto with medium-sized slightly flattened mottled beans of rich spicy flavor and creamy texture. Does well in the... read more
Dry Bean
Mitla ECO
320MT (85 days) Though this variety first came to us as a tepary bean, it is not. Acting on a tip from Tim Springston of Oxbow Farm in Erin, NY, we grew... read more
Saturday Night Special
Dry Bean
Saturday Night Special ECO
388SN (105 days) Legendary plant breeder Elwyn Meader was hired by famous Maine baked bean company B&M (founded 1867) to breed a pea bean that would... read more

Pole Beans

Northeaster OG sold out, substitute 285.
280NO  (55 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as Kwintus. A superior early pole bean, always in short supply. Somewhat flattened pods are slow to get tough. read more

Shell & Dry Beans

Black Coco
Shell & Dry Bean
Black Coco OG
334BO (60 days shell, 85 days dry) A triple-treat bean that is a joy to grow because it is so easy. 2' plants set abundant 5" round pods of plump shiny... read more
Shell & Dry Bean
Limelight OG
333LO (60 days shell, 85 days dry) A versatile variety, excellent both as a shell and a dry bean. Plants benefit from loose trellising to avoid possible... read more
Tiger’s Eye
Shell & Dry Bean
Tiger’s Eye ECO
335TE (65 days shell, 85 days dry) The Tiger comes and goes. This year it’s BACK! Also called Pepa de Zapallo, originally from Argentina and Chile.... read more



Solstice OG
3306SO (71 days) Open-pollinated. Has rapidly gained a following. Its tall leggy plants gave it its alias Oregon Long Neck. Donna Dyrek harvested her... read more


Main Season Carrots

Nantes Fancy
Main Season Carrot
Nantes Fancy OG
2051FO (68 days) Open-pollinated. It’s been a long row to hoe getting this longtime customer favorite back into our catalog. And although other strains... read more

Flower Seeds

Bee Balm

Panorama Red Bee Balm
Panorama Red Bee Balmsold out
4886BM Monarda didyma Perennial, Zones 4-9. The original true-red shade returns in all its glory after leaving the market for several years while the... read more


Kablouna Mix
Kablouna Mix
4912KC Calendula officinalis (60 days) Striking crested blooms of gold, orange, lemon and apricot with dark centers. read more


Blue Clips Campanulasold out
4930BC Campanula carpatica Perennial, Zones 4-10. Also known as Bellflower or Carpathian Harebell. Masses of light azure bellflowers dance 8" high above... read more


Fluffy Ruffles
Fluffy Ruffles OG
5371RO A beautiful color selection with mostly pink on the outer two thirds of the petal edge with a slight purple blush in the middle and on the petal... read more


Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce
Nancy OG
2841NO (58 days) The best one-word description of this elegant butterhead rhymes with its name—and it’s neither antsy nor chancy. This big Boston... read more

Looseleaf Lettuce

De Morges Braun
Looseleaf Lettuce
De Morges Braun ECO
2787MB (64 days) This bronze beauty is noteworthy among the hundreds of lettuces we’ve grown for its shimmery color and smooth buttery texture. Grows... read more

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce
Marshall OG
2877MO (67 days) We first discovered Marshall in the Territorial catalog: “Gazing into the heart of this romaine is like falling into a burgundy abyss.”... read more
Winter Wonderland
Romaine Lettuce
Winter Wonderland OG
2886WO (70 days) Did you say wintah? Last year we got a good reminder of just how tough a Maine winter can be. We really appreciate a lettuce that makes... read more

Onions and Leeks

Red Storage Onions

Rossa Di Milano
Rossa Di Milano OG sold out, substitute 2491.
2490RO (114 days) Open-pollinated. “The most delicious of all the onions I’ve grown,” says Tom Vigue. This excellent red Italian storage onion is shaped... read more


Shell Peas

Shell Pea
792AL (75 days) Open-pollinated. Also called Tall Telephone. All-America winner Mr. Big got the hype, but failed to supplant this old-time favorite as... read more

Snap Peas

Mega OG sold out, substitute 889.
884MO (64 days) Open-pollinated. 2018 was finally a good year to get a plentiful seed crop. These vigorous 3' vines have been outstanding performers in... read more



Amish Pimiento
Amish Pimiento OG
3741PO (85 days) Open-pollinated. Pimientos are the sweetest of all peppers—my favorites for eating out of hand. The problem with growing seed for Amish... read more

Squash - Summer

Bitter Melon

Jade Dragon
Bitter Melon
Jade Dragon
1596JD (65 days) Momordica charantia F-1 hybrid. Bright pastel-green bumps and fluting cover the curvaceous lines of this well-named 8–14" exotic beauty,... read more


Slicing Tomatoes

Ruby Gold
Slicing Tomato
Ruby Gold
4097RG (90 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. As aesthetically appealing as it is delicious, Ruby boasts prolific beautiful huge red-streaked yellow... read more