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Bronze Fennel - Organic
4567 Foeniculum vulgare (65 days) Open-pollinated. Slow grower with very thin stems valued for its striking feathery bronze foliage. Delicious and decorative. read more
Perfection Fennel - Organic
4553 Foeniculum vulgare (72 days) Open-pollinated. Nearly as bolt proof as those pricey hybrids seven times the cost and 5-7 days longer-standing than Zefa Fino, with much thicker bulbs. read more
Zefa Fino Fennel not available yet, check back later
4556 Foeniculum vulgare (65 days) Open-pollinated. Bulbing type. 3' with edible blue-green stems and feathery green leaves. We advise a second sowing in July for crisp juicy bulbs till October. read more