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Asian Greens


Chinese Thick-Stem - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
3257 Brassica juncea (47 days mesclun, 62 full size) Open-pollinated. Sweet succulent ribs and moderately pungent winter-hardy greens. Good for summer mesclun; excellent cut-and-come-again. read more


Shell & Dry Beans

Shell & Dry Bean
Fast Lady Northern - ECOOrdering temporarily unavailable
321 Phaseolus unguiculata (65 days shell, 90 days dry) Open-pollinated. Southern pea for the North! Small white bean matures quickly. Easy-to-pick yellow pods. Beautiful yellow flowers on bushy semi-erect plants. read more



Umpqua - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
3325 Brassica oleracea (botrytis group) (95 days) Open-pollinated. Handsome uniform dark-green 5-6" heads. Abundant side shoots over a long harvest window. Ideal home-garden variety for the fall. read more


Specialty Cucumbers

Specialty Cucumber
Silver Slicer - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
1318 Cucumis sativus (64 days) Open-pollinated. Unique white slicer. 7-8" slim creamy-white fruit with crisp non-bitter flesh. Excellent flavor. read more



Ice-Bred - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
3021 Eruca sativa (44 days) Open-pollinated. Cross of two European heirlooms and selected for vigor and cold hardiness. Turns purple when it freezes. Full of flavor. read more

Kale and Collards

Dinosaur Kale

Dazzling Blue - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
3465 Brassica oleracea (acephala group)
(60 days) What fun! Vigorous 24–34" upright savoyed lacinato-leaved kale in a range of bluish-green shades and... read more

Siberian Kale

Siberian Kale
Russian Frills - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
3460 Brassica napus (pabularia group) (55 days) Open-pollinated. Cold hardy 18-28" purple and red-veined kale leaves grow frilly while remaining very tender. Good for bunches and mesclun mixes. read more


Snow Peas

Green BeautyOrdering temporarily unavailable
820 Pisum sativum (60 days) Open-pollinated. 7-8' vine. 5" long light green pods. High yields. Excellent flavor. Purple flowers. read more


Elongated Sweet Peppers

Elongated Sweet Pepper
Mega Marconi - ECOOrdering temporarily unavailable
3736 Capsicum annuum (90 days) Open-pollinated. Heavy early fruit set of 2½x8" tender-skinned Italian-style Lamuyo peppers. read more

Hot Peppers

Hot Pepper
Jaluv An Attitude - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
3831 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Thicker-skinned jalapeño-like fruits. Delicious hot fruity flavor; 2,500-8,000 Scovilles. Adapted to northern latitudes. read more

Sweet Bells

Sweet Bell
Chocolate Cake - ECOOrdering temporarily unavailable
3737 Capsicum annuum (90 days) Open-pollinated. Rich reddish-brown 3½x3½" blocky thick-walled pepper. Meaty, sweet, delicious and flavorful even when green. read more


Slicing Tomatoes

Slicing Tomato
Cherokee Green - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
4058 Lycopersicon esculentum
(75 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. Tomato expert Craig LeHoullier noticed and selected this sport of Cherokee... read more
Slicing Tomato
Cherokee Purple - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
4059 Lycopersicon esculentum (77 days) Open-pollinated. Dusky brownish-purple with green shoulders, 10-13 oz, round to slightly oblate. Brick-red flesh. One of the best-tasting heirlooms. Indeterminate. read more

Small-Fruited Tomatoes

Small-Fruited Tomato
Gardener’s Sweetheart - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
4103 Lycopersicon esculentum
(62 days) These Sweethearts, borne on trusses, each with 6–8 bright red miniature heart-shaped fruits with a nipple on the... read more
Small-Fruited Tomato
Honeydrop - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
4106 Lycopersicon esculentum
(62 days) Open-pollinated. Rampant Indeterminate. From a selection of F-1 Sunsugar, Rachel and Tevis Robertson-Goldberg of... read more
Small-Fruited Tomato
Peacevine - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
4119 Lycopersicon esculentum (78 days) Open-pollinated. Rampant Ind. Red 1" cherry. Similar to Sweet 100, bearing gazillions of clusters of sweet fruits. Dependable and prolific. read more
Small-Fruited Tomato
Pink Princess Gene Pool - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
4107 Lycopersicon esculentum
(62 days) Open-pollinated. Rampant Indeterminate. From the originators of Honeydrop comes the even more exciting Pink... read more


Red & Pink Flesh

Blacktail Mountain - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
1003 Citrullus lanatus (71 days) Open-pollinated. Modern classic. Crunchy orange-red flesh. Dark green to nearly black round 4-15 lb fruit. Extra early and hardy. read more

Yellow & Orange Flesh

Yellow & Orange Flesh
Early Moonbeam - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
1021 Citrullus lanatus (78 days) Open-pollinated. De-hybridized Yellow Doll. Sweet yellow flesh, light green skin with dark green stripes. 5-8 lb icebox size. read more