Alexandersold out
101 Fall. Very large round-conic apple, faintly red-striped or blushed orange-red. Firm slightly tart juicy flesh, best known for cooking but also good fresh eating. Z3. read more
Ashmead’s Kernelsold out, not available
102 Winter. Medium-small fresh-eating apple of unparalleled quality. Intense, aromatic, sharp & sweet. Good keeper. Scab-resistant. Z4. read more
Baldwinsold out
103 Winter. Large crisp juicy fruit. Excellent for fresh eating, cooking, and hard cider. Keeps till spring. Biennial bearer. Z4. read more
Bethelsold out, not available
105 Winter. Classic all-purpose Vermont heirloom. Large dark red striped fruit. Mild subacid flavor, moderately juicy and crisp. Z3. read more
Black Gilliflowersold out
106 Fall-Winter. Fruit quality is fair and dry. Historically used for mincemeat. Shaped like a sheep’s nose! Good keeper. Z4. read more
Black OxfordOrdering closed for the season
107 Winter. Uniquely dark fruit with well-balanced flavor. Excellent pies and cider. Maine heirloom. Best eating late Dec. to March. Great keeper. Z4. read more
Blenheim Orangesold out
108 Fall. Large, crisp and juicy apple for dessert or culinary use. Keeps until about mid-December. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
Blue Pearmainsold out
109 Fall-Winter. Medium to very large apple has a good balance of sweet and tart with hints of pear. All-purpose. Keeps until midwinter. Z4. read more
Bourassasold out
110 Fall. Very high-quality tender dry dessert fruit with rich spicy aromatic flavor. Keeps until December. Blooms midseason. Z3. read more
Briggs Auburnsold out
111 Fall-Winter. Large all-purpose apple with bright well-balanced flavor. Hints of banana and blackberry. Keeps all winter. Z4. read more
Brocksold out
112 Fall-Winter. Very large fruit with fine-grained aromatic flesh. Sweet and crisp. Excellent for sauce. Good keeper. Vigorous tree. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
Burgundysold out, not available
113 Late Summer-Early Fall. High-quality cooking apple. Large glossy purplish-red fruit. Firm juicy flesh. Good for fresh cider. Stores 2 months. Z3. read more
Calville Blanc d’HiverOrdering closed for the season
114 Winter. Large fruit with fine-grained juicy flesh. Famous dessert and cooking apple. All-purpose. Keeps till midwinter. Z4. read more
Canadian Strawberrysold out
115 Fall. Medium-to-large full-flavored apple. Surprisingly juicy, distinctly tart. Superb fresh-eating. Keeps about a month. Z4. read more
Chenango Strawberrysold out
116 Late Summer. Distinctive strawberry shape! Tender, aromatic flesh. Great for cooking and eating fresh. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
Cherryfieldsold out
117 Fall-Winter. All-purpose. Relatively tart, great for pies, sauce and pizza! Very nice fresh too. Good keeper. Z4. read more
Chestnutsold out, not available
118 Early Fall. Firm, crisp, juicy dessert crab excellent for fresh eating, pickles and sauce. Stores a month. Beautiful mid-late blooms. Z3. read more
Cora’s Grand Greeningsold out
119 Fall. Very large blocky fruit resembles bell peppers. Probably originated on North Haven Island, ME, before 1850. Great fresh or cooked. Z4. read more
CortlandOrdering closed for the season
120 Fall-Winter. Medium-large size, fine-grained, crisp, tender, juicy. All-purpose. Annual producer of heavy crops. Bears young. Z4. read more
Cox’s Orange PippinOrdering closed for the season
121 Fall. Medium-sized apple. Perfectly balanced flavor, aromatic crisp juicy tender flesh. All-purpose. Tree bears young and annually. Z4. read more
Duchess of Oldenburgsold out, not available
124 Late Summer. From Russia, well before 1800. Known in New England as one of the very best pie apples! Extremely hardy. Scab resistant. Z3. read more
Dudley Wintersold out, not available
125 Fall. Originated in Maine. Fruit is firm but tender, juicy and aromatic. For fresh eating and cooking. Keeps into winter. Natural semi-dwarf. Z3. read more
Esopus Spitzenburgsold out, not available
126 Fall-Winter. Medium-large, slightly tart, crisp and juicy. Thomas Jefferson’s favorite. Good acid source for cider. All-purpose. Good keeper. Z4. read more
Fall Pippinsold out
127 Fall-Winter. Old American variety. Medium-large high-quality all-purpose fruit. Good for sauce and fresh eating. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
FrostbiteOrdering closed for the season
130 Fall-Winter. The most distinctive, complex, unusually flavored apple you'll ever try! Hardy, productive, reliable. A staff favorite. Z3. read more
Golden RussetOrdering closed for the season
131 Winter. Medium-sized russet apple. The champagne of cider apples, and excellent for eating. Keeps well into spring. Scab-resistant. Z4. read more
GoldRushsold out, not available
132 Winter. Medium-to-large dessert apple is hard, very crisp, juicy, tart. Keeps till May. Highly disease-resistant. Blooms midseason to late. Z4. read more
Gravensteinsold out
134 Late Summer. Famous pie apple. Med/large fruit makes outstanding eating and cooking. Flavorful and tart. Z4/5. read more
Gray Pearmainsold out, not available
135 Fall-Winter. Medium size, firm white juicy mildly tart flesh. Delicious distinct pear flavor. Keeps all winter. Annual bearer. Z4. read more
Grimes Goldensold out, not available
136 Fall. Medium-sized tart citrusy crisp dense firm fruit. Excellent for dessert and cooking. All-purpose. Good keeper. Annual bearer. Z4. read more
HoneycrispOrdering closed for the season
137 Winter. Medium-large apple. Sweet, juicy, snappy fresh eating. Keeps up to seven months. Tends to bear annually. Scab-resistant. Z3. read more
Hurlbutsold out, not available
138 Late Fall. A very good fall dessert and cooking variety. Smallish red striped apple with dotted blush. Fine, tender, crisp, very juicy, aromatic, mildly subacid. Z7. read more
Keepsakesold out, not available
140 Winter. Medium-sized dessert apple is hard, crisp, juicy and sweet. One of the best keepers. Blooms late. Z3. read more
King Davidsold out
142 Fall-Winter. Medium-sized intensely flavored apple is fine, juicy and tender. Keeps till January. Blooms early-midseason. Z4. read more
LibertyOrdering closed for the season
144 Late Summer-Fall. Medium size, crisp white flesh. All-purpose. Keeps till late fall. Scab-immune. Annual bearer, begins at early age. Z4. read more
Macounsold out
146 Fall. Medium-sized, very juicy aromatic white flesh. Crisp with rich sweet flavor. Excellent fresh eating. Vigorous tree. Z4. read more
McIntoshOrdering closed for the season
147 Fall. The most important apple in the Northeast. Delicious and aromatic. All-purpose. Annual bearer. Very susceptible to scab. Z4. read more
Mildensold out, not available
148 Fall-Winter. Large size with coarse juicy sparkly crisp and melting flesh. All-purpose; famous for winter pies. Keeps until spring. Z3. read more
Moses Woodsold out
150 Late Summer. Rare Maine heirloom. Fine-grained tender juicy flesh. All-purpose tart fresh-eating, cooking & pies. Vigorous productive tree. Z4. read more
Mothersold out, not available
151 Fall. Medium-large fruit is very juicy and sweet with a balsamic aroma. Potential for commercial popularity. Keeps into January. Blooms mid-late season. Z4. read more
New Brunswickersold out
153 Late Summer. Medium-sized excellent all-purpose apple is extremely hardy. Highly recommended for northern growers. Blooms early season. Z3. read more
Newtown Pippinsold out
154 Winter. Renowned dessert, culinary and cider apple. Crisp, tender, fine-grained, juicy, sprightly, subacid. Mostly light green, sometimes a light orange-brown blush. Z5. read more
Northern Spysold out
157 Winter. Famous heirloom apple. Very large, juicy, tender. Makes a great single-variety pie! All-purpose. Good keeper. Scab-resistant. Z4. read more
Opalescentsold out
159 Fall. Supremely flavorful dessert apple. Large brilliant deep red fruit. Crisp, sweet, tart and juicy. Best eaten fresh also considered a good cooking apple. Good keeper. Z4. read more
Pomme Grisesold out, not available
160 Fall. Medium-small russet fruit with a longtime reputation as one of the very best dessert apples. Superb fresh eating. Keeps fairly well, still crunchy in January. Z3. read more
Pound Sweetsold out
161 Fall. Famous New England cooking apple. Firm coarse flesh tinged with yellow. Sweet unusual flavor. Z4. read more
Pristinesold out
162 Summer. Modern PRI-bred variety. Mildly tart, spicy and rich flavored. Great fresh eating quality. Disease-resistant, scab immune. Blooms mid-late season. Z4. read more
Pumpkin Russetsold out
164 Late Fall. Medium-large with beautiful swirls of orange, red, yellow and russet. Very sweet, low-acid, good for cooking, cider, fresh eating & animal feed. Blooms late. Z4. read more
Pumpkin Sweet of Orlandsold out
165 Fall. Sweet, mellow apple with low acidity. Recommended fresh and for cider, apple molasses and cooking. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
Red Astrachansold out
166 Summer. The standard Maine summer cooking apple, especially pies. Medium-sized dark red fruit. Juicy subacid white flesh tinged with red. Z3. read more
Red Canadasold out, not available
167 Late Fall-Winter. Very old American variety. Firm, crisp, juicy, tender, aromatic—everything you want! Keeps all winter. Blooms late. Z3/4. read more
Rhode Island Greeningsold out, not available
171 Fall-Winter. Large, crisp and tart. Classic New England cooking apple; also great fresh eating. Keeps well into winter. Z4. read more
Ribston Pippinsold out
172 Fall-Winter. Medium-large, sharp, crisp, rich, aromatic dessert apple. Also good in cider. Great fresh eating till January. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
Rolfesold out, not available
173 Early Fall. Medium-sized fruit is firm, sweet, mild. Excellent fresh eating and cooking. Similar to Mac. Keeps through the fall. Blooms midseason. Z3. read more
Roxbury RussetOrdering closed for the season
174 Winter. Medium-large, rich, spicy and juicy. A great late-winter dessert apple; good cooking. Stores until summer. Scab resistant. Z4. read more
Rubiconsold out, not available
175 Winter. Also called Paw Paw. A fine all-purpose apple. Excellent for fresh eating and pies. Good keeper. Extremely hardy. Z3. read more
Sheppard’s Sweetsold out
176 Fall. Very rare! Medium-sized tender pleasant low-acid sweet fruit. Potential for hard cider. Uncertain bloom time. Z4. read more
Sidrunkollane Taliounsold out, not available
203 Late Summer. Medium-large blocky yellow fruit from Estonia. Best suited for cooking. Ripens mid-September. Precocious. Z4. read more
Spice Sweetsold out
177 Late Summer. Medium-sized spice-flavored apple. One of the best for pies. Very good fresh eating, too. Probably blooms midseason. Z4. read more
Starksold out
179 Winter. Large tart fruit good for cooking and drying. All-purpose storage variety keeps until April. Vigorous and productive. Z4. read more
Stewardship Applesold out
267 Be the proud keeper of a sister tree to one of many rare varieties planted at the Maine Heritage Orchard. $30 from the sale supports the project. read more
Sweet Sixteensold out, not available
180 Fall. Medium-sized apple. Sweet, nutty and spicy flavors. Fine-textured crisp flesh. Keeps till midwinter. Some resistance to scab. Z3. read more
Tater Housesold out
182 Fall-Winter. From a seedling found growing on the side of a potato-house earth berm in Aroostook County, Maine. Beautiful, large, high quality fruit. Keeps well. Very hardy. Z3. read more
Tolman Sweetsold out, not available
183 Fall-Early Winter. One of the first American varieties. Unforgettably peculiar sweet flavor. Very low acidity. Truly all-purpose. Z4. read more
Trailmansold out
184 Summer. Size and shape of an egg. Crisp, crunchy with spicy sweet flavor. Exceptional fresh-eating! Precocious, annually productive. Z2/3. read more
Wagenersold out, not available
186 Winter. All-purpose storage apple. Fine-grained crisp tender very juicy subacid aromatic sprightly flavorful fruit. Precocious heavy annual bearer. Z4. read more
Washington Royalsold out, not available
187 Winter. Very rare! Medium-large fruit with whitish crisp tender juicy subacid flesh. Recommended fresh. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
WealthyOrdering closed for the season
188 Fall. Medium-sized. Perfect texture and complex flavor. Famous all-purpose variety. Especially good pies. Small-med size tree. Z3. read more
Westfield Seek-No-Furthersold out
189 Fall. Medium-sized firm crisp juicy apple is highly flavored. Famous heirloom dessert apple. Keeps till early winter. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
White Pippinsold out, not available
190 Winter. Very rare! Recommended both for home use and market sales. Large fruit is firm, tender, crisp, juicy, sprightly tart. Should keep well. Blooms midseason. Z3/4. read more
Williams Pridesold out
192 Summer. Nice balance of tart and sweet. Crisp and juicy fresh-eating; fine cooking. Disease-resistant; scab immune. Z4. read more
Windham Russetcrop failure, out of stock to all orders
193 Late Fall. Distinctly bumpy rough texture. Highly flavored. Excellent dessert apple for the connoisseur. Z4. read more
Winekistsold out
194 Summer. Medium-sized fruit with almost solid beet red flesh: a real eye popper! Very good and extremely tart. Good addition to cider and sauce. Z3. read more
Winter Bananasold out
196 Fall-Winter. Famous American heirloom apple. Large brilliant shiny yellow with a bright red blush. Best for fresh eating: aromatic, slightly crisp, juicy, mild. Good sauce. Z4. read more
Wolf RiverOrdering closed for the season
198 Fall. Huge fruit with firm but tender flesh. Aromatic tart flavor. Famous old-time apple. Excellent cooking and drying. Scab-resistant. Z3. read more
Yellow Bellflowersold out
199 Winter. Large firm crisp fine-grained juicy aromatic all-purpose apple does everything well, including keeping all winter. Blooms early-midseason. Z4. read more
Yellow Transparentsold out, not available
200 Summer. Medium-sized tender-skinned tart apple for fresh-eating and sauce. Ripens early August. Not a keeper. Incredibly hardy. Blooms midseason. Z3. read more
Zestarsold out
201 Late Summer. Medium-sized, highly-flavored fruit. Good balance of acid/sweet. Crisp and juicy fresh-eating. Stores up to seven weeks. Z3. read more

Cider Apples

Bitter Pewsold out, not available
240 Fall. Bittersharp cider apple, suited to adding large amounts of tannin to cider. Medium-sized fruit. Not for eating fresh. Z4. read more
Chisel Jerseysold out, not available
223 Late Fall. Small bittersweet cider apple. Medium acidity, highly astringent, harsh and high in tannins. Not for eating fresh. Z4. read more
Coat Jerseysold out
224 Early Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. Small fruit with high sugar content. Astringent, bitter and wooly with flavors of banana and black tea. Z4/5. read more
Cider Apple
DabinettOrdering closed for the season
225 Late Fall. Medium-sized, medium-bittersweet cider apple. One of the most popular cider varieties. Not for eating fresh. Annual bearer. Z4. read more
Ellis Bittersold out
226 Early Fall. Medium bittersweet cider apple. Sweet, crisp and juicy. Soft, astringent, tannin. Useful for its early ripening. Midseason bloomer. Z4. read more
Fuel Servicesold out, not available
227 Fall. Bittersweet cider apple. John Bunker intro. Medium juicy, medium crisp and high in tannins. Not for eating fresh. Uncertain bloom time. Z4. read more
Gnarled Chapmansold out, not available
228 Fall. Large beautiful bittersweet cider apple. Not for eating fresh. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
Harrisonsold out, not available
229 Mid-Late Fall. Medium-small vintage cider apple. Rich firm dry yellow flesh. Famous cider said to be better than champagne! Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Harry Masters JerseyOrdering closed for the season
230 Fall. Medium-large size. Medium-full bittersweet cider apple. Soft astringent tannin. Not for eating fresh. Z4. read more
Hewe’s Virginia Crabsold out, not available
231 Fall. Sharp cider apple. One of few good for single varietal cider. Incredibly vigorous, productive. Hardy. Z4. read more
Kingston Blacksold out
232 Fall. Medium-sized bittersharp cider apple. Full-bodied vintage cider with nice blend of acid, tannins and sugar. Decent fresh-eating. Z4. read more
Kolasold out, not available
238 Fall. Highly unusual apple and tree. Flavor reminiscent of wet wool, grapefruit pith, bourbon, caramel and hair salon. Not bitter, but sharp and astringent. Sauce and cider. Z3. read more
Majorsold out, not available
233 Early Fall. Medium-sized full bittersweet cider apple. Sweet, soft, woolly, juicy, bitter. Vigorous tree, scab-resistant. Z4. read more
Medaille d’Orsold out
234 Late Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. Lots of tannin. Light yellow fruit mostly covered with tan russet. Combine with other late varieties. Z4. read more
Porter’s Perfectionsold out, not available
235 Late Fall. Small medium-bittersharp cider apple. Heavy cropper. Scab resistant. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
RedfieldOrdering closed for the season
168 Fall. Medium-large red-fleshed apple. Use for sauce, pies. Very sharp and bitter in cider. Two-toned flowers, bronze-red foliage. Z3. read more
Reine des Pommessold out
236 Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. A true spitter! Adds a powerful and unique taste to cider; best for blending. Not for eating fresh. Blooms early to midseason. Z4. read more
Wicksonsold out, not available
191 Fall. Small but flavorful. Crisp, juicy, tart, tangy, spicy. Good in hard cider. Keeps until January. Bears young, heavily, annually. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Yarlington MillOrdering closed for the season
237 Fall. Medium-sized medium-bittersweet cider apple. Low-acid aromatic fruity cider. Highly recommended for commercial growers. Z3/4. read more


Hard Cider Apple CollectionOrdering closed for the season
266 Get your cider orchard started with Fedco’s choice of bittersharp and bittersweet apples. All trees individually labeled. Z4. read more
Heirloom Apple Collectionsold out
222 Start your own heirloom apple orchard with Fedco’s choice of varieties traditionally grown in New England. All trees individually labeled. Z4. read more


Malus AntonovkaOrdering closed for the season
268 Hardy Russian seedling rootstock for full-sized “standard” apple trees. The hardiest rootstock we offer. Space trees 20-30' apart. Z3. read more
Malus Budagovsky 118Ordering closed for the season
269 Also called Bud 118 or B118. Semi-dwarf rootstock, similar in size to M111 (about 85-90% of standard). Space trees 20-25' apart. Z3. read more
Malus Budagovsky 9Ordering closed for the season
272 Dwarfing rootstock, produces a tree about a quarter the size of a standard tree. Space trees 5-10' apart. Z4. read more
Malus Geneva 11Ordering closed for the season
271 Also called G11. Dwarf rootstock produces a tree about a third the size of standard. Space trees 8-10' apart. Z4/5. read more
Malus M111Ordering closed for the season
270 Very popular semi-dwarf rootstock produces a tree about 65-80% of standard. Space trees 15-20' apart. Hardy to Z3/4. read more