Sangria Red & Pink Flesh Watermelon


Sangria Red & Pink Flesh Watermelon

Citrullus lanatus
(88 days) F-1 hybrid. The sweetest (as much as 12–14% sugars in some tests) juiciest watermelon in our trials. These elongated ovals average 10–12 lb with dark green skin broken by light green stripes. Bright refined red flesh will satisfy the most avid sugar seekers. Sangria, the first hybrid Allsweet type ever developed, has been a big hit on the market. Cannot ship to South Carolina. Tolerant to some races of ANTH and F. May not ripen in areas with insufficient heat.

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1 gram packet contains about 10-30 seeds, 116 oz packet contains about 15-60 seeds, 1 oz contains about 225-800 seeds. Can be sown 2 or 3 seeds to a hill.

Culture: Harvesting watermelon at proper ripeness is an art. Thumping should produce a low, hollow sound. Spread thumb and forefinger and press hard on fruit. If you feel any give, watermelon is ripe. Don’t heed the traditional advice to wait for the closest tendril to brown—that may be too late. Minimum germination temperature 60°, optimal range 75–95°.

Diseases: ANTH: Anthracnose, F: Fusarium

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