Mesclun Greens Mix


Mesclun Greens Mix

According to Rosalind Creasy, the original mesclun used all parts of the tongue, with a range of textures from crispy to velvety and of tastes from tangy to bitter.

Our mixture consists of two packets: Lettuce Mix and Greens Mix. Harvest these greens by cutting the leaves with scissors, leaving 1–2" of foliage as well as the apical bud and several small leaves surrounding it, so that they can grow back.

Plant each packet in adjoining beds or rows so that the mustards won’t overwhelm the lettuces. Plant lettuces about 4 weeks earlier for them to mature at the same time.

You can enhance your mesclun by adding other greens such as mâche, claytonia and bronze fennel. Add edible flowers of garlic chives, nasturtiums, violas, signet marigolds, borage and mustard blossoms to lend further appeal to the mix, creating delectable color, taste and texture contrasts.

2992 Mesclun
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Additional Information


Exact components will vary according to availability; click here for current list of varieties in each mix (posted in mid-January).


Days to maturity are from direct seeding.

Culture: When to harvest greens? Research from trials conducted in England and Kenya showed looseleaf lettuce, red chard and arugula harvested in the evening had a longer shelf life than when picked in the morning.