Group orders on paper

As of September 2022, Fedco Trees is no longer accepting group orders.

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We will pull and package each order separately and ship all to one address. Discounts apply to one division, combined totals. You may not combine orders from different divisions to qualify for a higher discount.

We now accept group orders online.

Or use the mail and bundle individual orders with a summary form for each division with address information and totals. Please keep copies.

How to prepare a summary form:

  • Attach a separate summary page for each division (Seeds; Potatoes, Onions and Exotics; OGS; Bulbs). Use an order form with no items on it, fill in name and address blanks and totals information. See example below.
  • A summary form without individual totals is acceptable.
  • Please use one method of payment for each division order. You may combine totals for all divisions and send one check. Please include credit card number and expiration date on summary form for each division.
  • Additional orders over $50 qualify for original (or largest) discount. Indicate if you ordered seeds from us previously this season and tell what discount you qualify for.
  • Figure all discounts from subtotal. See example below.
  • We treat all add-ons as additional orders.
Group coordinators’ responsibilities:
  • Collect individual orders and payments from group members.
  • Make sure each item of each individual order is on the proper form (for example, no potatoes on the seeds form); make necessary corrections.
  • Add up order subtotals for each division. Keep track of individual payments and settle with group members after the final shipment.
  • Bundle orders for each division with a summary and one payment and mail to us.
  • Receive and distribute back-ordered items.
  • Send us correction sheets for any errors in group order.

summary group order example