The Pearl Achillea


The Pearl Achillea

Achillea ptarmica
Bears clusters of fully double small white pompon blooms with tiny yellow centers, almost like a large double Baby’s Breath. Though its common name Sneezewort would lead one to believe that the flowers induce excessive sneezing, actually it is less allergenic than common yarrow. Easily cultivated, spreads readily and makes an effective “wild” border, 2–3' tall. Supplies copious cutflowers from spring until frost, enjoyable either fresh or dried. Dry slowly before the oldest blooms start to brown. Perennial, Zones 3-10. ~7,000 seeds/g.

4804 The Pearl
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Perennial, Zones 3-10. Named for Achilles, who used it to stanch battle wounds. We recommend White Yarrow for medicinal use. Likes full sun and good drainage. Avoid rich soils. Cutting back spent blossoms will encourage another bloom.


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