Tangerine Gem Marigold - Signet


Tangerine Gem Marigold - Signet

Tagetes tenuifolia
(68 days) Compact plant with deep orange tiny fragrant flowers. 10–12" mounded bush bears early, lasts all summer into fall. They make colorful tasty additions to salads. Annual.

5246 Tangerine Gem
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Additional Information

Signet Marigold

~1000 seeds/g.

Also known as Gem Marigolds, once known as Mexican Marigolds, date back to 1798. Bloom prolifically with edible ¾" single flowers with yellow centers and a citrusy fragrance. Compact mounded plants have finely cut ferny foliage. They don’t need deadheading, but benefit from a light shearing in hot weather and from watering in dry spells.


~280 seeds/g except Signets.

Annual. “We do not consider a flower garden complete without the good old-fashioned French and African marigolds.” –Breck’s, 1885. Good for bedding, for cuts, in planters or borders. Their warm colors cheer all summer long and positively blaze in the light of early autumn. Native to the Americas and said to have been sacred to the Aztecs; still play a vital role in celebrations of Día de los Muertos. In 1939 Burpee’s Red and Gold hybrid was the first hybrid flower from seed offered commercially in the United States.

Culture: Fast and easy to grow from seed. Sow after soil has warmed, or inside in a warm (75–80°) spot, 3 weeks before setting out after danger of frost. Likes heat and full sun. Tolerant to drought.


All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted.

Days in parentheses after a variety indicate days to first bloom.

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