Fedco Seeds’ substitution policy

We ask when you order whether you will accept substitutions. We will make substitutions where necessary rather than out-of-stock you, unless you decline them. You will be required to make a choice about substitutions when ordering online. If you don't specify, we sub.

  • If you ordered a snow pea, we will substitute a snow pea. We will choose a very similar snow pea of comparable maturity date, height, color if available, but will substitute any other snow pea we have if necessary. If we have no other snow peas, we will not substitute a shell pea or a bean or anything else.
  • seeds subs image
  • We will substitute hybrids for open-pollinated varieties only when that is our sole alternative.
  • If we have to substitute a more expensive variety, we won’t charge you more.
  • If we run out of organically produced seed we will substitute high-quality conventional seed for the same variety unless you instruct us otherwise.
  • If we run out of conventional seed we may substitute organically produced seed for the same variety, but charge you only the conventional seed cost.
  • We are sorry that we cannot honor specific substitution requests.