Marine Heliotrope


Marine Heliotrope

Heliotropium arborescens
(120 days) An old-fashioned scented flower whose aroma fills the garden on a cool damp day. Victorians edged their rose beds with heliotrope and it is still cultivated in Europe for perfumery. Smells like sweet violet, but deeper, and has been described as similar to vanilla, almond or cherry pie. Works well in hanging baskets, containers, the front of borders or any location where the scent will readily reach you. It may be transplanted indoors for the winter. 14–18" plants with deeply etched viburnum-like dark green leaves bear big flat clusters of tiny star-shaped royal blue flowers. Native to Peru. Somewhat slow, erratic germinator, takes at least 2–3 weeks. Tender perennial, Zone 9-10, grown as an annual. ~1,500 seeds/g.

5116 Marine Heliotrope
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