Camelot Shallot

(110 days) F-1 hybrid. The darkest red-skinned variety available from seed, Camelot is our choice for a good Prisma replacement with the same smooth and onion-y taste. When divided, has a bigger bulb than Prisma, 1–1½" across and 2" long. Donna Dyrek’s were out of the ground curing on Sept. 20 from an April 6 start. Can store till April. Adapted to 40-55° latitudes.

2442 Camelot
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Allium cepa (aggretatum group)

Days to maturity are from date of transplanting. The sweetest and mildest member of the onion family, important in Asian, Persian and French cuisines.

Culture: Start indoors in Feb. or March and transplant out in spring almost as soon as the ground can be worked. Set 4–6" apart in trenches in well-dug beds with generous quantities of organic matter. Avoid transplanting next to grass strips; slugs love to dine on tiny allium seedlings. Irrigate seedlings whenever the topsoil dries out.

Minimum germination temperature 50°, optimum range 60-70°. We discourage the use of bottom heat because onions germinate poorly in temperatures above 70°.

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Diseases: PB: Purple Blotch, PR: Pink Root