Alfalfa - Organic
8001 Medicago sativa Perennial legume. Up to 3' high. This fragrant plant with beautiful purple flowers is a favorite for multi-year stands. Home... read more


Barley - Organic
8007 Hordeum vulgare Annual spring grain. Up to 3' high. Moderately frost-hardy. A 6-row barley with medium-tall straw and moderate Fusarium... read more

Bell Beans

Bell Beans - Organic
8010 Annual or winter annual legume. Up to 5' high. Frost-hardy. Bell beans (aka small-seeded fava beans) are like Sunn Hemp’s tough cousin—the one... read more


Buckwheat, Common - Organic
8019 Fagopyrum esculentum Annual broadleaf. Up to 4' high. Frost-sensitive. Large-seeded Japanese buckwheat with short maturity will tolerate most... read more


Forage Chicory
8022 Cichorium intybus Perennial broadleaf. Up to 18" (flower stalks up to 6'). Tap-rooted broadleaf perennial with bright blue flowers suited to... read more


Alice White Clover
8037 Trifolium repens Perennial legume. Up to 12". Vigorous large-leafed white clover. Combines the perennial persistence of small-leafed varieties... read more
Crimson Clover
8025 Trifolium incarnatum Tender biennial legume. Up to18". Vigorous clover for cover cropping and bee forage. Rapid growth in cool weather makes this... read more
Dutch White Cloverout-of-stock, Sold out for season
8040 Trifolium repens Perennial legume. At only 6", the lowest-growing white clover. Shade-tolerant perennial. Our most popular clover. Seed at... read more
Freedom Red Clover
8028 Trifolium pratense Short-lived perennial legume. Up to 24". This 2001 release from the KY Ag Experiment Station comes enthusiastically recommended... read more
Mammoth Red Clover - Organic
8031 Trifolium pratense Biennial legume. Up to 36". Vigorous red clover for cover cropping or grazing. Short-lived 24–36" perennial clover best treated... read more
Medium Red Clover - Organic
8034 Trifolium pratense Short-lived perennial legume. Up to 24". Red clover for underseeding or grazing. While we highly recommend Freedom Red Clover... read more
Rivendell White Clover - Organicout-of-stock
8043 Trifolium repens Perennial legume. Up to 9". Small-leafed perennial clover establishes quickly and withstands traffic and close mowing. More... read more
Yellow Sweet Clover - Organicout-of-stock, Sold out for season
8046 Melilotus officinalisBiennial legume. Up to 6'. Vigorous clover for cover cropping and bee forage. Thick succulent plants make an excellent green... read more


Wapsie Valley Corn - Organic
8058 Annual grass. Up to 9'. Frost-sensitive. 85 days to mature grain. Open-pollinated heirloom dent corn dating back to 1850 is two-color, producing... read more


Millet, Japanese
8064 Echinochloa frumentacea Annual grass. Up to 5'. Frost sensitive. Vigorous and versatile! Tolerates waterlogged soils, low fertility and cool... read more
Millet, Japanese - Organicout-of-stock, Sold out for season
8067 Echinochloa frumentacea Annual grass. Up to 5'. Frost sensitive. Vigorous and versatile! Tolerates waterlogged soils and low fertility. Prefers... read more
Millet, Pearl
8068 Pennisetum glaucum Annual grass. Up to 6'. Frost sensitive. Taller than Japanese millet but with a tighter bunching habit. Tolerates drought and... read more


B&B Summer Mix
8004 Maybe “B&B” conjures images of a restful weekend with late-morning French toast on a sunny porch, or maybe you’re a devotee of the fine digestif... read more
Grass Seed: CR Lawn Mix
8061 All-purpose grass-seed mix for the Northeast. 50% bluegrass, 30% red fescue, 15% perennial ryegrass and 5% Dutch white clover. Good for a range of... read more
Hairy Vetch/Winter Rye Mix - Organicout-of-stock
8112 78% winter rye and 22% hairy vetch. Superb cover crop mix for fall planting where mechanical tillage is available the following spring. Excellent... read more
Magic Carpet Mix
8062 You told us your dreams, and we designed this ten-way clover-heavy mix as a soil-building living mulch for use under tall-growing competitive... read more
NOFA Cover Crop Cocktail - Organiccurrently on backorder
8073 Complex cover crop blends are trending on the organic ag scene; so what’s all the buzz about? Just as a well-mixed cocktail balances a variety of... read more
Pasture Mix - Organicout-of-stock
8094 30% perennial ryegrass, 35% endophyte-free tall fescue, 15% orchard grass, 10% timothy, 10% Rivendell white clover (preinoculated). Perennial ... read more
PVO Soil-Building Seed Mix - Organic
8103 71% field peas, 15% common oats and 14% hairy vetch. A superior soil-building cover crop seed mix. For springtime planting: allow for 60–90 days... read more


8070 Brassica juncea or Sinapis alba Annual broadleaf. Up to 5'. Moderately frost resistant. Produces large amounts of biomass containing high levels... read more


Common Oats - Organic
8085 Avena sativa Annual grass. A solid all-purpose VNS (Variety Not Stated) oat. Oats tolerate acidic soils better than any other grain crop; a common... read more
Everleaf Oats - Organic
8076 Avena sativa Annual grass. A late-heading vigorous oat that has gained a cult following among dairy farmers and veggie growers alike. More... read more
Hulless Oats - Organic
8082 Avena nuda Annual grass. Most oats have a clinging hull that requires industrial-grade milling to render them suitable for human consumption.... read more

Orchard Grass

Orchard Grass - Organicout-of-stock, Sold out for season
8088 Dactylis glomerata Perennial grass. Up to 18". Long-lived vigorous grass can be established in spring, in summer, or by frost-seeding in late... read more


Peas, Field - Organiccurrently on backorder
8097 Pisum sativum var. arvense Annual legume. Up to 40". Also called Forage Peas. Frost-tolerant annual legume native to the Mediterranean basin.... read more


Radish, Tillage - Organic
8106 Raphanus sativus var. niger broadleaf. Up to 14"'. Moderately frost resistant. A cover crop Daikon radish bred for improved taproot... read more


Rye, Winter - Organicout-of-stock
8109 Secale cereale Winter annual grass. Up to 5'. Extremely frost hardy, adaptable and competitive. Native to Turkey and widely cultivated in central... read more


Ryegrass, Annual - Organic
8121 Lolium multiflorum Annual or winter annual grass. Up to 4'. Extremely frost hardy. Widely adaptable to a variety of soils and to all but the... read more
Ryegrass, Perennial - Organic
8124 Lolium perenne Short-lived perennial grass. Up to 2'. Cool-weather perennial often used in grass seed mixtures. Extremely palatable forage grass... read more


BMR Sorghum/Sudangrass - Organicout-of-stock, Sold out for season
8013 Sorghum x drummondii Annual grass. Up to 6' high. Will survive light frost. A vigorous, competitive and adaptable hybrid annual that likes heat... read more
Conventional BMR Sorghum/Sudangrassout-of-stock, Sold out for season
8016 Sorghum x drummondii Annual grass. Up to 6' high. Will survive light frost. A vigorous, competitive and adaptable hybrid annual that likes heat... read more


Daytona Sunflower - Organicout-of-stock, Clearance
8132 Helianthus annuus Short plant with medium maturity has improved root and stalk strength to resist lodging. Well adapted to northern climates,... read more

Sunn Hemp

Sunn Hemp
8133 Crotolaria juncea Annual legume. Up to 6'. Frost sensitive. This rock star cover crop builds organic matter, fixes atmospheric nitrogen, controls... read more


Timothy - Organic
8136 Phleum pratense Perennial grass. Up to 3'. A popular perennial hay species that produces good yields, resists lodging and is easily cut and... read more


Vetch, Hairy - Organic
8139 Vicia villosa subsp. villosa Annual or winter annual legume. Up to 2' high; vines up to 8' long. Moderately frost resistant. Vigorous cover crop... read more


Medina Winter Wheat - Organiccurrently on backorder
8148 Triticum aestivum Winter annual grain. Up to 4'. Extremely frost hardy. Soft white winter wheat suitable for feed or pastry our. Remember “Funky... read more
Red Fife Spring Wheat - Organicout-of-stock, Sold out for season
8145 Triticum aestivum Hard red heritage spring wheat developed in the 1840s by David Fife at his Peterborough Farm in Upper Canada, now Ontario. The... read more