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Organic Certification

We are a MOFGA-certified organic repacker and handler of seed and feed.

Organically produced items (with Organic in the name) are certified by USDA-approved agencies. We have on file each grower's certificate; our products are labeled and handled in ways to ensure their integrity. The receipt with your order has our certification number and is your certificate that what you purchased is organic. Please keep it for your records.

Conventionally grown seed is either untreated or coated with OMRI-listed coatings and inoculants. Certified-organic growers may be able to use such seed under certain circumstances: consult with your certifier.

Agricultural inputs used on a certified-organic farm must be listed in your Organic System Plan and approved by your certifier. This does not necessarily mean that the inputs themselves are certified organic. We label the inputs we carry as follows:
OMRI: Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute. Certificate available upon request.
MOFGA: Reviewed and approved by the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association Certification Services.
Nat’l List: One-ingredient products on the NOP List of Allowed Substances.
WSDA: Listed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Organic Certification division for use in organic agriculture in Washington State. MOFGA has indicated that they will accept products on this list for their certification program.
AYC: Ask your certifier. Has not been reviewed by a certifier, but the active ingredient is allowed.
Not Allowed: Has a place in sensible agriculture; may be used when certification is not an issue.

This information is correct to the best of our knowledge. We cannot be responsible for errors or changes; changes will be posted as we become aware of them. In order to be certain that a product is allowed, check with your certifier.

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