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Organic Certification

We are a MOFGA-certified organic repacker and handler of seed and feed.

Organically grown seed is labeled OG. Conventionally grown seed is either untreated or coated with OMRI-listed coatings and inoculants

Agricultural inputs used on a certified organic farm must be listed in your Organic System Plan and approved by your certifier. We label the inputs we carry as follows:
OMRI: Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute. Certificate available upon request.
MOFGA: Reviewed and approved by the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association Certification Services.
WSDA: Listed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Organic Certification division.
Nat’l List: One-ingredient products on the NOP List of Allowed Substances.
AYC: Ask your certifier. Has not been reviewed by a certifier, but the active ingredient is allowed.
Not Allowed: Has a place in sensible agriculture; may be used when certification is not an issue.

This information is correct to the best of our knowledge at press time. We cannot be responsible for errors or changes; changes are posted to our website as we become aware of them. In order to be certain that a product is allowed, check with your certifier.

• Click here for more information or the complete text of the rule.

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