B&B Summer Mix


B&B Summer Mix

Maybe “B&B” conjures images of a restful weekend with late-morning French toast on a sunny porch, or maybe you’re a devotee of the fine digestif blend of Bénédictine and brandy. Well, add our cover crop blend to your assortment of B&B pleasures. Here, the Bs stand for buckwheat and BMR sorghum/sudangrass, plus we threw in enough Sunn Hemp to fix a little nitrogen (but not enough to ruin the alliteration). NOTE: Currently, we are not able to source BMR sorghum/sudangrass. We will be replacing the BMR sorghum/sudangrass in this mix with Conventional Japanese Millet until we find a reliable source.

Plant in June or July and mow when the buckwheat is in full flower. Till after the residue has broken down some if you want to plant a late-season crop, or mow periodically through the fall. The stubble will all die back over the winter and you will enjoy weed-free high-tilth soil next spring. Plant at 75#/acre or 2#/1000 sq ft.

8004 B&B Summer Mix
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