Val Aux Vents Shallot - Sustainably Grown


Val Aux Vents Shallot - Sustainably Grown

Allium cepa (aggregatum group)
(105 days) Open-pollinated. An exciting new French shallot from Canadian plant breeder Richard Favreau of Val-aux-vents Farm in the Saint-Valérien region of Quebec. Richard’s passion and many years of work selecting and evaluating alliums shines through in this variety: the shallots have a beautiful golden bronze color, uniformly divide into triples and quadruples, storage into the spring, and have a luxurious, caramel flavor. Donna Dyrek’s were out of the ground curing on September 10th from an April 13th start.

In the field in September, dancing on our taste buds sautéed in butter in the warehouse kitchen, and now in storage, Val Aux Vents has wowed us at every point of the season.

2440 Val Aux Vents - Sustainably Grown
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Culture: Start allium seeds indoors in February or March. Minimum germination soil temperature 45°; optimal range 60-70 °. We discourage using bottom heat because alliums germinate poorly in soil temps above 70°. Transplant in spring soon after the ground can be worked.

Alliums are heavy feeders and want generous amounts of organic matter, fertilizer and water. Late transplanting and poor fertility can result in small onions or failure to form bulbs. Alliums are notoriously intolerant of weeds. Slugs love to munch them, and in areas above 40° latitude, root maggots may be a problem.

About allium seed: Allium seed is short-lived. Test 1-year-old seed before using. Discard anything older.

DM Downy Mildew
PR Pink Root

ALERT: Leek Moth is emerging as a serious pest potentially affecting all Alliums in the Northeast. Consult your local Cooperative Extension for more info.

Germination Testing

For the latest results of our germination tests, please see the germination page.