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Touchstone Gold
Touchstone Gold OG price discounted
2149TO  (55 days) Open-pollinated. Refined round golden beet. Dependable germination. Excellent flavor. Bestseller. read more


Main Season Carrots

Yaya, Pelleted
Yaya, Pelleted OG sold out
2093AO  (58 days) F-1 hybrid. Uniform 6" smooth orange Nantes-type carrot. Excellent flavor, both fresh and in short storage. Strong tops. Clay-pelleted seed, size 11.5. read more

Flower Seeds


Forest Fire Cockscomb
Forest Fire Cockscombprice discounted
4948FF Celosia argentea Plume-type with bright scarlet flowers and bronze-red foliage. 30-36". read more


Lemon Queen
Lemon Queenprice discounted
5514LM Helianthus annuus Luxuriant 8" blooms with lemon-yellow petals surrounding striking solid brown centers. Can grow up to 10' tall in rich soil. read more


Opopeo Amaranth
Opopeo Amaranth OG price discounted
4300OO Amaranthus hybridus (65 days) Open-pollinated. Is it a green vegetable? An ornamental? A gluten-free grain? Why, yes. No wonder Amaranth was sacred in pre-Columbian Mexico. read more



Arugula OG price discounted
3023AO  (47 days) Open-pollinated. Musky greens, certified organic. Cold tolerant, great for early spring, late fall, over-wintering. Eat the flowers if you miss some of the greens. read more

Onions and Leeks

Yellow Storage Onions

New York Early
New York Early OG price discounted
2449YO  (98 days) Open-pollinated. 38° latitude into southern Quebec. Firm 2.5-3" diameter mild yellow onion. Good storage. read more



Avonprice discounted
2538AV (42 days mature, 20 to baby leaf) F-1 hybrid. Cosmetic allure alone could not succor us in the loss of star performer Tyee. Luckily, Avon came... read more