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Asian Pears

Asian Pear
HosuiOrdering closed for the season
265 Late Summer. Large long-stemmed fruit fruit with medium-thick skin. Crisp juicy fresh eating. Stores one month. Z5. read more
Asian Pear
NijisseikiOrdering closed for the season
266 Late Summer-Fall. Medium-large Asian pear has mild-flavored crisp juicy medium-sugar high-acid white flesh. Stores up to 6 months. Z5/6. read more
Asian Pear
ShinkoOrdering closed for the season
267 Fall. Medium-large lumpy round brownish russeted Asian pear. Crisp juicy yellow flesh. Stores up to three months. Z5. read more
Asian Pear
ShinseikiOrdering closed for the season
268 Late Summer. Medium-sized Asian pear, with little to no russeting. White crisp flesh. Stores up to three months. Z5. read more
Asian Pear
ShinsuiOrdering closed for the season
269 Summer. Medium-sized crisp juicy fine-textured very sweet Asian pear. Not as firm as others. Keeps about 6 weeks. Z5/6. read more
Asian Pear
YoinashiOrdering closed for the season
270 Fall. Large Asian pear with fine-textured off-white crisp juicy aromatic sweet flesh. Z5. read more

European Pears

European Pear
BartlettOrdering closed for the season
242 Late Summer. Large greenish-yellow classic obtuse-pyriform pear. Adaptable to many climates and soils. Full reliable annual crops. Z4. read more
European Pear
BoscOrdering closed for the season
244 Fall. Large dark rich yellow pear covered with cinnamon-brown russet. Distinctive sweet rich spicy and juicy. Z4. read more
Cabot Vermont
European Pear
Cabot VermontOrdering closed for the season
245 Fall. Medium-large pear with yellowish skin and a slight reddish blush. A superior dessert pear. Highly ornamental tree. Z4 or possibly even Z3. read more
Dana Hovey
Dana HoveyOrdering closed for the season
247 Winter. Small obovate-obtuse-pyriform rich golden-yellow russeted pear. Possibly the best eating of all winter pears. Keeps extremely well. Z4. read more
HudarOrdering closed for the season
250 Summer. Early pear ripens late July. Annually productive. Great fresh or canned. Very hardy. Moderate fireblight resistance. Self-fertile. Z2. read more
European Pear
LusciousOrdering closed for the season
251 Early Fall. Soft fine flesh is sweet and flavorful with almost no grit cells. Produces annual crops of delicious medium-sized fruit. Bears heavily. Z3. read more
European Pear
McLaughlinOrdering closed for the season
252 Fall. Medium-large obtuse-pyriform yellow russeted pear, sometimes with a reddish blush. Highest-quality dessert pear keeps well into winter. Z4. read more
European Pear
NovaOrdering closed for the season
253 Late Summer. Large yellow roundish dessert pear with melting juicy flesh. Z3. read more
PattenOrdering closed for the season
254 Late Summer. The best-quality large hardy pear available. Very good fresh eating with sweet “high flavor.” Good canning. Z3. read more
European Pear
SeckelOrdering closed for the season
255 Late Summer. Small obovate yellowish-brown russeted pear with slight red blush. Often considered the best-flavored of all pears. Good fresh and cooked. Z4. read more
European Pear
SouthworthOrdering closed for the season
256 Fall. Firm juicy flesh has few grit cells and good flavor. Medium-sized tree is vigorous and very hardy. Moderate fireblight resistance. Self-fertile. Z3. read more
European Pear
SummercrispOrdering closed for the season
257 Midsummer. Large obovate acute-pyriform green pear with a red blush. Very sweet dessert and canning pear. Z3. read more

Perry Pears

Perry Pear
Blakeney RedOrdering closed for the season
243 Fall. Medium-sharp perry pear. Beautiful small-medium turbinate or obovate red-blushed pear is about 2" wide. Used for cooking, jams and perry. Z4. read more
Perry Pear
GinOrdering closed for the season
248 Fall. English perry pear. Greenish-yellow, russeted and red-blushed pear, small to almost-medium. Not for fresh eating. Makes high-quality perry. Z4. read more
Perry Pear
Hendre HuffcapOrdering closed for the season
249 Fall. Heirloom English perry pear. Small pears less than 2" in diameter with yellowish skin partly russeted. Used for perry; not for fresh eating. Z4. read more
Perry Pear
Perry Pear CollectionOrdering closed for the season
264 Begin your perry orchard with Fedco’s choice of 3 different pear varieties suitable for making perry. All trees individually labeled. read more
Perry Pear
Yellow HuffcapOrdering closed for the season
258 Fall. Ancient English perry pear. Small oval yellow-green russeted pear under 2" in diameter. Used for perry; not for fresh eating. Z4. read more


<em>Pyrus</em> ‘OHxF97’
Pyrus ‘OHxF97’Ordering closed for the season
233 Produces a vigorous hardy well-rooted almost-standard-sized tree. Z3/4. read more