Millet, Japanese


Millet, Japanese

Echinochloa frumentacea Annual grass. Up to 5'. Frost sensitive. Vigorous and versatile! Tolerates waterlogged soils, low fertility and cool conditions better than BMR or other varieties of millet. We stock organic seed when we can and conventional seed when we must.

Seed when soil is 60° or warmer at 40–60#/acre, 1#/1000 sq ft.

As cover crop: Very good smother crop with extensive root system to protect soils from erosion. Produces high levels of organic matter and holds available nutrients for the following crop.

As annual forage: Rick Kersbergen at the UMaine Cooperative Extension recommends Japanese millet for summer grazing. Fast growing but yields less than BMR or Pearl Millet. Does not develop problems with prussic acid after frosts, but can be toxic to horses. Regrows quickly after grazing or mowing. For dry hay, mow before heading, as the thick stems are difficult to dry down. Similar protein levels to BMR, and its fine-textured leaves are highly palatable.

8064 Millet, Japanese
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