Rosita Bell-shaped Eggplant - Organic


Rosita Bell-shaped Eggplant - Organic

Solanum melongena
(84 days) Open-pollinated. Productive and tasty without a hint of bitterness. These pear-shaped pink-lavender fruits with white shoulders are 6–8" long and 4–6" wide and will stand up in any Solanum beauty contest. Heirloom Rosita, brought to the States from Puerto Rico in 1979, has gained a steady following. Enjoy its sweet delicious tender white flesh.
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3688 Rosita - Organic
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  • Days to maturity are from date of transplanting.
  • 0.2 gram packet is about 33-43 seeds.

Culture: Growing eggplant can be a challenge in the north. Start indoors in early spring. Minimum germination temperature is 60°, optimal range 75–90°. Transplant after all danger of frost. They resent wind, will not set fruit in cold or very hot temperatures or in drought. We recommend irrigation and using row covers and IRT mulch. Our selections are the most reliable producers we’ve found, yet some seasons even our skilled trialers get only sparse production of ripe fruits.

Colorado Potato Beetle (CPB)
Cultural controls: Rotation, control solanaceous weeds such as horse nettle, rapid flaming, suction devices, hand-picking if beetle pressure is low, mulch before adults arrive.
Material controls: Surround, Spinosad
For more info on CPB, click here.

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