Habanada - Organic
3876 Capsicum annuum (100 days) Open-pollinated. Shiny orange fruits are a bit longer than a habanero but they pull off the look. Bushy short plants bear about 2 dozen sweet—not hot— fruits. read more


Klari Baby Cheese - Organic
3738 Capsicum annuum (65 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as Golden Delicious Apple Pepper. Heirloom from Hungary forms delicious flattened thick-walled fruits that ripen through yellow to red. read more

Elongated Sweet Peppers

Elongated Sweet Pepper
3769 Capsicum annuum (85 days) Open-pollinated. Cone-shaped 2½x10" fruits taper to a blunt end. Ripens from green to yellow to red. Sweet, crunchy, fruity; ideal for grilling and frying. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
Apple - Organic
3764 Capsicum annuum (80 days) Open-pollinated. Red 4" elongaged fruits. Sweet, delicious, dependable and problem free on 2' plants. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
Banana - Organic
3747 Capsicum annuum (65 days) Open-pollinated. Yellow to orange to red when fully ripe, 6" pointed peppers that look hot but are not. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
Carmen - Organic
3757 Capsicum annuum (70 days) F-1 hybrid. Deep carmine horn-shaped 2.5x6" fruits. Classic Italian Corno di Toro type. Unusually sweet. Widely adapted and early maturing. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
3766 Capsicum annuum (80 days) Open-pollinated. 2x6" waxy frying pepper. Turns from yellow-green to red. Not pungent. Very prolific. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
Greek Pepperoncini
3753 Capsicum annuum (65 days) Open-pollinated. Elongated 2-3"classically wrinkled peppers are perfectly suited for pickling either green or red. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
Jimmy Nardello’s - Organic
3762 Capsicum annuum (76 days) Open-pollinated. Shiny red thin-walled 8" long tapering frying pepper. Sweet mild flavor, good raw and especially fried. High yielding. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
Mega Marconi - ECO
3736 Capsicum annuum (90 days) Open-pollinated. Heavy early fruit set of 2½x8" tender-skinned Italian-style Lamuyo peppers. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
Odessa Market - ECO
3772 Capsicum annuum (87 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom from Ukraine. 2¼x4½" tapered peppers ripen from lime to orange to red. Crisp, juicy, thick-walled. read more
Elongated Sweet Pepper
Takara Shishito
3750 Capsicum annuum (60 days) F-1 hybrid. Sweet when green (usually), slightly hot when fully ripe and red. 1x3½" at maturity. read more
Violet Sparkle - Organic sold out, no supply
3732 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Short plants produce a profusion of early pointed 4" fruits that start out chartreuse, streak purple, then turn more fully purple with red streaking, before ripening solid red. read more

Hot Peppers

Hot Pepper
3807 Capsicum annuum (78 days) Open-pollinated. Dark green to red 7" long tapered. Pungent, moderately hot; 900-2,500 Scovilles. Typical pepper for chiles rellenos. read more
Hot Pepper
Beaver Dam - Organic
3805 Capsicum annuum (80 days) Open-pollinated. Red-orange 3x6" horn-shaped fruits taper to a blunt point. Sweet and mildly spicy; 500-1,000 Scovilles. Heirloom. read more
Bulgarian Carrot Chile not available yet, check back later
3852 Capsicum annuum (68 days) Open-pollinated. Fluorescent orange 1.5x3.5" fruits look like tiny carrots. Prolific fruit set. Fruity and hot. 5,000-30,000 Scovilles. read more
Hot Pepper
Bulgarian Carrot Chile - Organic
3853 Capsicum annuum (68 days) Open-pollinated. Fluorescent orange 1.5x3.5" fruits look like tiny carrots. Prolific fruit set. Fruity and hot. 5,000-30,000 Scovilles. read more
Hot Pepper
Caballero Ancho
3811 Capsicum annuum (65 days green, 84 days red ripe) F-1 hybrid. Deep red elongated fruits with a rich balance of heat and sweet. The 3' tall plants set 12-20 fruits per plant. read more
Hot Pepper
Carrot Bomb - Organic
3825 Capsicum annuum (74 days) Open-pollinated. Round 1-2" shiny bright tangerine fruits on sturdy plants. Heat is comparable to a mild jalapeño, but varies with the weather. read more
Czech Black - Organic unavailable, no supply
3816 Capsicum annuum (65 days) Open-pollinated. Black 2.5" long conical peppers ripen to lustrous garnet. Mild, juicy, thick-walled, a little less spicy than a jalapeño; 2,000-5,000 Scovilles. read more
Early Jalapeño not available yet, check back later
3834 Capsicum annuum (65 days green, 85 days ripe) Open-pollinated. Dark green 1x3" sausage-shaped blunt fruits. Brown netting appears as fruits ripen to dark red. Hot! 2,000 to 5,000 Scovilles. Early. read more
Hot Pepper
3819 Capsicum annuum (75 days) F-1 hybrid. Shiny green ripens to blazing red in a small strawberry-shaped cherry-type. Sweet and spicy, 2,500-5,000 Scovilles. read more
Hot Pepper
Fish - Organic
3849 Capsicum annuum (80 days) Open-pollinated. Striking color display, white with green stripes to orange with brown stripes, to red. 2" curving pendant form. 5,000-30,000 Scovilles. Attractive foliage. read more
Hot Pepper
Ho Chi Minh - Organic
3856 Capsicum annuum (68 days) Open-pollinated. Bright yellow to orange, 4-5" long, finger-shaped cayenne. Good flavor; 30,000 Scovilles. Prolific. read more
Hot Pepper
Hot Portugal - Organic
3845 Capsicum annuum (64 days) Open-pollinated. Glossy scarlet elongated fruits, 5-8" long and 1" diameter, with classic wrinkled hip. 5,000-30,000 Scovilles. Early and productive. read more
Hot Pepper
Hungarian Hot Wax
3837 Capsicum annuum (68 days) Open-pollinated. Smooth waxy yellow 1.5x5.5" tapered fruits ripen to orange then red. Semi-hot, 5,000-10,000 Scovilles. Early and prolific. read more
Hot Pepper
Jalapeño M
3835 Capsicum annuum (73 days green, 93 days red ) Open-pollinated. Hot 1x3" barrel-shaped blunt thick-walled fruits turn a shiny brick red at maturity. read more
Hot Pepper
Jaluv An Attitude - Organic
3831 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Thicker-skinned jalapeño-like fruits. Delicious hot fruity flavor; 2,500-8,000 Scovilles. Adapted to northern latitudes. read more
Hot Pepper
Long Red Narrow Cayenne
3821 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Bright red, 5-6" long by 1/2" wide tapered and often curled. Hot, pungent; 3,500-5,000 Scovilles. Dries easily. Prolific. read more
Hot Pepper
Matchbox - Organic
3866 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Pale green to deep scarlet 2" long, 1/3" wide. Hot! 30,000-50,000 Scovilles. Prolific. read more
Hot Pepper
Red Habanero
3875 Capsicum frutescens (90 days) Open-pollinated. Green to red Scotch Bonnet-type wrinkled pendulous fruit. Blisteringly hot, 200,000-325,000 Scovilles. Needs heat to grow well. read more
Hot Pepper
3842 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Extremely prolific 3-4' plants yield scores of light green fruits that ripen to bright scarlet. 2-3" fruits. read more
Hot Pepper
Some Like it Hot Mix
3897  (64-90 days) Includes 5-7 different kinds in one packet. We'll mix colors, shapes and flavors. read more
Hot Pepper
Tampiqueño Serrano - Organic
3843 Capsicum annuum (75 days) Open-pollinated. Packs a punch. Mexican pepper popular for sauces ripens through orange to red. Scovilles vary based on weather. read more
Hot Pepper
Thai Hot - Organic
3860 Capsicum annuum (82 days) Open-pollinated. Tiny bright red 1" conical fruits stand erect from foliage. Very hot, 25,000-40,000 Scovilles. Pretty and prolific. read more
Hot Pepper
Trident Ancho/Poblano
3813 Capsicum annuum (64 days green, 80 days red ripe) F-1 hybrid. Uniform glossy dark red fruits are mostly 2-lobed, flattened and tapering with a recessed stem. Known as Poblano when gre read more


Boldog Hungarian Spice - Organic sold out
3759 Capsicum annuum (71 days) Open-pollinated. Red 4-6" long wrinkled tapered pendent fruits. Good fresh, roasted, strung into ristras, or dried and ground. Prolific. read more
Feher Ozon - Organic
3776 Capsicum annuum (90 days) Open-pollinated. Light yellow 3x4.5" pointed fruits. Juicy, sweet, flavorful. Ripens to red and can be dried for paprika. Incredibly productive. read more
Karlo - Organic
3758 Capsicum annuum (70 days) Open-pollinated. Semi-hot and semi-sweet for perfectly balanced paprika. Also good roasted or stuffed. Red 3½-5" fruits, at least a dozen per plant. read more


Tangerine Pimiento - Organic not available yet, check back later
3744 Capsicum annuum (85 days) Open-pollinated. Beautiful tangerine color. Plants ripen more than a dozen of these small 2-3" round to slightly flattened thick-walled sweet and juicy fruits in a good year. read more

Sweet Bells

Sweet Bell
Chocolate Cake - ECO
3737 Capsicum annuum (90 days) Open-pollinated. Rich reddish-brown 3½x3½" blocky thick-walled pepper. Meaty, sweet, delicious and flavorful even when green. read more
Sweet Bell
Corona - Organic
3739 Capsicum annuum (90 days) Open-pollinated. Orange sweet bell pepper. Thick-walled, blocky 3½" fruits. Easy to harvest. Good foliage cover on 4' plants helps to prevent sunscald. read more
Sweet Bell
3729 Capsicum annuum (75 days) F-1 hybrid. Goldenrod-yellow 4-6" blocky bell. Thick-walled, crisp and juicy. Great fresh eating or stuffed. read more
Sweet Bell
Gilboa - Organic
3706 Capsicum annuum (66 days) F-1 hybrid. Blocky bright orange bell with fruity flavor. Thick-walled crunchy squat bells. read more
Sweet Bell
Golden Star
3718 Capsicum annuum (72 days) F-1 hybrid. Glossy yellow blocky 4" 4-lobed bell. Nice, sweet and crisp. Generous leaf canopy. read more
King of the North - Organic not available yet, check back later
3713 Capsicum annuum (70 days) Open-pollinated. Blocky red bell. Great for northern market growers. read more
Sweet Bell
Lady Bell
3710 Capsicum annuum (68 days) F-1 hybrid. Bright red 3x5" elongated 3 to 4-lobed bell. Juicy, sweet, with a hint of spiciness. Sets well, even in cool weather. read more
Sweet Bell
Peacework - Organic
3704 Capsicum annuum (65 days) Open-pollinated. Red bell. Medium-thick walls, good flavor, sweet. Compact plants average 6 ripe peppers. read more
Sweet Bell
Purple Beauty - Organic
3723 Capsicum annuum (74 days) Open-pollinated. Blocky 3x3" bells ripen from purple to green to deep red. At purple stage they sell at a premium. Early and prolific. read more
Sweet Bell
3716 Capsicum annuum (72 days) F-1 hybrid. Red stout blocky 12-14 oz bell. Thick-walled, juicy, delicious and hefty. Superb yields. read more
Staddon’s Select - Organic sold out
3725 Capsicum annuum (74 days) Open-pollinated. Large blocky market-type pepper produces good-sized glossy dark green 3-4 lobed peppers on tall bushy plants, even in adverse conditions. read more
Takii’s New Ace not available yet, check back later
3701 Capsicum annuum (60 days) F-1 hybrid. Red thin-walled bell peppers, not consistently blocky. Easy to grow. Consistently early. Good for home gardens. read more