Covertan PRO 19 Floating Row Cover

Covertan PRO 19 Floating Row Cover
Think of row covers first when seeking pest protection. Protects crops from flea beetles, cabbage worms, potato beetles, leafhoppers, even woodchucks. Also provides a gently warmed, protected environment to get sensitive crops like melons and peppers established in the field (must be removed at blossoming on most fruiting crops to ensure pollination).

We are transitioning from Agribon+™ AG-19 to Covertan PRO 19, which offers better durability and greater water permeability. Both fabrics are soft and pliable, UV-stabilized, offer about 4° of frost protection, and weigh 0.55 oz/sq yd. Agribon+ transmits 85% of sunlight while Covertan transmits up to 90%. Can last 2–3 seasons if you take care of it: remove it from the field as soon as possible, dry it out, and store it suspended so that rodents can’t nest in it over the winter.

8876 Covertan PRO 19 Floating Row Cover
Item Discounted
A: 7'X50' (2#) $16.00
B: 7'X250' (10#) $55.00
C: 7'X1000' (35#) $190.00 ($180.50)
D: 7'X2000' (70#) $350.00 ($315.00)
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