Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I order by phone?
No. You may order by mail or internet. To keep our product costs low and our order filling accurate, Fedco does not take orders by fax or over the phone.
How can I request a catalog?
We take catalog requests only by phone, by mail, or online. Download catalogs… or Sign up online for our catalog mailing list… When you place an order with us, you are automatically added to our mailing list, though we will not automatically put a catalog in your order.
I requested a catalog. Where is it?
We mail the Seed catalog (which also contains Organic Growers Supply and Potatoes, Onions and Exotics) in late November and early December. It takes a while for bulk mail to reach its destination. After December we send Seed/OGS catalogs when requested. We mail Tree catalogs by bulk in late September and Bulb catalogs in early June.
Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes. You can now purchase gift certificates online: Buy Gift Certificates
Why are there deadlines for ordering?
Fedco is a seasonal company. Only Organic Growers Supply operates year-round. We primarily serve customers in the northeastern United States and our schedules correspond to the growing season in our part of the world. Link to ordering availability schedules.
Seasonal operation helps us keep our prices low by maximizing our efficiency and our sanity intact because we do different things at different times of the year.
Can I order products from any division on one order form?
No. Fedco has different divisions that operate on different seasonal schedules and out of different warehouses. It helps keep our costs down, and prices low, if orders are sent in on each division’s own order form.
Can I combine totals from different divisions to get a discount or a higher discount?
If you have placed orders totaling at least $1,200 at Fedco within the past 12 months, additional orders in all divisions will qualify for bulk pricing. Otherwise your current cart contents (in one division) determine your eligibility.
Can I come and shop in your store?
We are primarily a mail-order business and do not have a retail store. You may shop at the Organic Growers Supply warehouse in Clinton, Maine Tuesday–Thursday 9AM–3PM. Click here for directions to our warehouse. Our big annual retail event is our booth at the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity, Maine.
Do I have to be a member of the Cooperative, or part of a group, to order?
No, we welcome orders from anyone, but if you join Fedco as a consumer member, you'll get a 5% discount. You can also save money by placing an order as part of a group, if your group qualifies for bulk pricing.
Is seeds shipping really free?
Yes, for orders $50 and over in the Seeds division. Orders under $50 pay $6. Cover-crop seeds (item numbers in the 8000s) from Organic Growers Supply are subject to OGS shipping charges.
What are the shipping charges?
Each division has its own shipping rates (Seed order info, Organic Growers Supply shipping details, Potatoes, Onions and Exotics shipping details, Trees shipping chart, Bulbs order info).
Can I get an express shipment?
No. We do not have systems in place to expedite orders.
Why can’t my tree order be shipped in September or March instead of April?
Fedco Trees operates on a seasonal basis to keep costs and prices low. Most of the trees and plants arrive at our warehouse in March. We begin pulling and packing orders in the first week of April. April is the only time when all of the products are available to be shipped.
Why can’t my potatoes be shipped in early March?
Potatoes arrive at our warehouse in March. We repack them before orders can be pulled and shipped. Since Fedco is located in central Maine we also need to wait for the weather to warm up before we can ship potatoes without fear of them freezing in transit.
Are all of Fedco’s seeds organic?
No. Approximately 30% of the seeds Fedco sells are certified organic. The certified organic varieties include ‘Organic’ after the variety name.
Are any of Fedco’s seeds treated with fungicides?
No. Fedco does not sell any treated seed.
Does Fedco sell any genetically modified seeds?
No. Genetic Engineering Info
What if something is missing from my order? Or if I received the wrong item?
First, see if the item is marked ‘back-order’ (coming later) or ‘out-of-stock’ (not available and your total has been credited). If it is marked received on your invoice, it is our error. Please fill out the correction form on the back side of your pick sheet. We will send the item or a refund promptly and we will return the form.
What if my tree/shrub/plant arrives dead or badly damaged?
Fill out the correction form on the back of your invoice and send it to us by mail. We will replace the plant (if possible) or send you a refund. Generally we do not have replacements available. If you waited several weeks for the plant to break dormancy and it did not do so, you can send the correction form, or write for a refund, or you can let us know that you would like to order a replacement for no charge on the following year's order. Please let us know of any problem within 30 days of discovering it. Please note that since we have no control over the conditions in which a plant is planted or tended we cannot extend our guarantee of a live plant across the years.
What if my seed does not germinate well or is not true to type?
Please email seed quality remarks to:
Does Fedco ever donate outdated seeds?
Yes. Please see our donations page for information.
Can I get a letter that my seeds are GMO-free?
We do not knowingly carry any genetically engineered seed. See the Safe Seed Pledge and our policy. You can combine your invoice with our pledge for your documentation.
Can I get a letter that the products I buy are allowable for organic certification?
Your invoice is your documentation that we are a certified-organic handler. View and download our primary MOFGA certificate here, which lists all of our organic items in Seeds, Trees, OGS, Bulbs, and POE. Seeds, seed potatoes, and plants labeled ‘Organic’ are certified organic. This year, we have been issued a second certificate for items that ship from our Hinckley Road warehouse, which stores and processes trees and perennial plants. These plants are also listed in the main certificate linked above. View and download the certificate specifically for items that ship from our Hinckley Road warehouse. Some of our amendments and supplies are on the national list or the OMRI list, but it is your responsibility to check with your certifier about the allowability of any product.
May I return something I ordered in error?
You may not return seeds, potatoes, bulbs, plants or nursery stock. You may return an Organic Growers Supply item in good condition for a $5 restocking fee.
How do I plant my seeds?
Information about planting and cultivation is in the beginning of most Seed catalog sections and is posted online as the additional information link in most seed descriptions. Organic Growers Supply lists books with information about diverse aspects of gardening and farming.
What varieties should I plant?
Talk to your neighbors or your local extension service about plants that do well in your area. We give as much information as possible in our descriptions, but it is relative to our central Maine location.

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