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Perennial Plants

Fern Leaf Peonies

Fern Leaf Peony
Fern Leaf PeonyOrdering closed for the season
L732 Paeonia tenuifolia ‘Rubra Plena’ Deep red satiny double cup-shaped flowers. Finely cut foliage looks a lot like a bushy version of Cosmos. Blooms super-early. 20" tall. Z3. read more

Itoh Peonies

Itoh Peony
‘Bartzella’Ordering closed for the season
L724 Paeonia Fragrant 6" semi-double lemon-yellow flowers with red flames at the center. Blossoms can display as fully double on occasion. 48" tall. Z3. read more
‘Julia Rose’
Itoh Peony
‘Julia Rose’Ordering closed for the season
L725 Paeonia Cherry-red buds open to 8" fragrant semi-double orange-apricot-pink flowers with subtle purple edging. Blossoms eventually fade to yellow. 30–36" tall. Z3. read more


‘Coral Sunset’Ordering closed for the season
L726 Paeonia lactiflora Intense sunset coral with rose overtones and fluffy golden stamens. Semi-double. Early season. 28" tall. Z3. read more
‘Moon River’
‘Moon River’Ordering closed for the season
L727 Paeonia lactiflora Delectable double cream-colored 8" blossoms with lovely light pink blush. Blissfully fragrant, near perfect in form and popular for wedding bouquets. Midseason blooms. 28" tall. read more
‘Paula Fay’
‘Paula Fay’Ordering closed for the season
L728 Paeonia lactiflora Glowing rich pink petals surround a golden yellow eye. Blossoms display a fluorescent quality in cooler climates. Light sweet fragrance. Good for cutting. Early season. 35" tall. Z3. read more
‘Red Charm’
‘Red Charm’Ordering closed for the season
L729 Paeonia lactiflora Giant dark crimson double bomb-type. Fragrance of cloves and roses. Extra-early bloom time! 32" tall. Z3. read more

Tree Peonies

Tree Peony
‘Chojuraku’Ordering closed for the season
L730 Paeonia suffruticosa Extravagantly big flowers bloom in early June. Elegant silky semi-double lavender-pink flowers with slightly ruffled petals and yellow centers. Z4. read more
Maroon Tree Peony
Tree Peony
Maroon Tree PeonyOrdering closed for the season
L731 Paeonia suffruticosa Extravagantly big flowers with loose satiny petals bloom in early June before garden peony. Semi-double deep maroon blooms with yellow stamens. Z4. read more