Asian Pears

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323 Late Summer. Sweet and rich with a distinctive butterscotch flavor. Short picking period. Stores for several months. Very productive. Z4/5. read more
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325 Late Summer. Large fruit with sweet crisp juicy flesh. Candy-sweet with aromatic flavors of caramel. Great for fresh eating and canning. Stores two months. Z4/5. read more
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326 Late Summer-Fall. Medium-large Asian pear has mild-flavored crisp juicy medium-sugar high-acid white flesh. Stores up to 6 months. Z4/5. read more
Asian Pear
327 Late Summer. Medium-sized Asian pear, with little to no russeting. White crisp flesh. Stores up to three months. Z4/5. read more
Asian Pear
328 Summer. Medium-sized crisp juicy fine-textured very sweet Asian pear. Not as firm as others. Keeps about 6 weeks. Z4/5. read more
Asian Pear
329 Fall. Large Asian pear with fine-textured off-white crisp juicy aromatic sweet flesh. Z4/5. read more


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315 Fedco’s choice of 5 different heirloom and modern pear varieties, all individually labeled. No perry pears. Z4. read more
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322 Begin your perry orchard with Fedco’s choice of 3 different pear varieties suitable for making perry. All trees individually labeled. Z4. read more

European Pears

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285 Late Summer. Large greenish-yellow classic obtuse-pyriform pear. Adaptable to many climates and soils. Full reliable annual crops. Z4. read more
Beurre Clairgeausold out
286 Mid-Late Fall. Richly flavored buttery juicy flesh. Used for cooking and canning. Precocious and productive annual bearer. Z4. read more
Boscsold out
287 Fall. Large dark rich yellow pear covered with cinnamon-brown russet. Distinctive sweet rich spicy and juicy. Z4. read more
Cabot Vermontsold out
289 Fall. Medium-large pear with yellowish skin and a slight reddish blush. A superior dessert pear. Highly ornamental tree. Z3/4. read more
Comptesse Clara Frijssold out
290 Summer. Medium-sized rather thick-skinned fruit with buttery aromatic juicy flesh. Nectar-like flavor. Keeps for a month. Z4. read more
Dana Hoveysold out
291 Winter. Small obovate-obtuse-pyriform rich golden-yellow russeted pear. Possibly the best eating of all winter pears. Keeps extremely well. Z4. read more
Duchesse de Berry d’Etesold out
293 Mid-Late Summer. Very high-quality dessert pear. Juicy, sugary, aromatic flesh. Productive vigorous grower. Z4. read more
Kaspar’s Wintersold out
295 Late Fall-Winter. Frankendorf, Germany. Coarse flesh, good flavor. Great storage pear. Can keep until April in the root cellar. Z4. read more
Luscioussold out
296 Early Fall. Soft fine flesh is sweet and flavorful with almost no grit cells. Produces annual crops of delicious medium-sized fruit. Bears heavily. Z3. read more
McLaughlinsold out
297 Fall. Medium-large russeted pear with sweet, rich, perfumed flesh. Extremely juicy. Highest-quality dessert pear keeps well into winter. Z4. read more
Novasold out
298 Late Summer. Large yellow roundish dessert pear with melting juicy flesh. Z3. read more
Pattensold out
299 Late Summer. The best-quality large hardy pear available. Very good fresh eating with sweet “high flavor.” Good canning. Z3. read more
Seckelsold out
300 Late Summer. Small obovate yellowish-brown russeted pear with slight red blush. Often considered the best-flavored of all pears. Good fresh and cooked. Z4. read more
Summercrispsold out
302 Midsummer. Large obovate acute-pyriform green pear with a red blush. Very sweet dessert and canning pear. Z3. read more
Tysonsold out
303 Summer. Medium-sized fruit is very juicy, sweet and aromatic. Flavor second only to Seckle. Very large vigorous annually productive tree. Rare. Z4. read more

Perry Pears

Blakeney Redsold out
316 Fall. Medium-sharp perry pear. Beautiful small-medium turbinate or obovate red-blushed pear is about 2" wide. Used for cooking, jams and perry. Z4. read more
Ginsold out
317 Fall. English perry pear. Greenish-yellow, russeted and red-blushed pear, small to almost-medium. Not for fresh eating. Makes high-quality perry. Z4. read more
Hendre Huffcapsold out
318 Fall. Heirloom English perry pear. Small pears less than 2" in diameter with yellowish skin partly russeted. Used for perry; not for fresh eating. Z4. read more
Yellow Huffcapsold out
319 Fall. Ancient English perry pear. Small oval yellow-green russeted pear under 2" in diameter. Used for alcohol production; not for fresh eating. Z4. read more


Pyrus OHxF97
276 Produces a vigorous hardy well-rooted almost-standard-sized tree. Z3/4. read more