Shell Peas

Shell Pea
792 Pisum sativum
(75 days) Open-pollinated. Also called Tall Telephone. All-America winner Mr. Big got the hype, but failed to supplant this old-time... read more
Shell Pea
Champion of England
780 Pisum sativum
(70 days) Open-pollinated. The British take their peas and their beer seriously. And legend has it that this superb 1840s English... read more
Shell Pea
Emerald Archer - Organic
758 Pisum sativum
(65 days) Open-pollinated. What can scale a pea fence with a plethora of tendrils, pump out a super abundance of peas per pod... read more
Shell Pea
Green Arrow - Organic
761 Pisum sativum (65 days) Open-pollinated. Standard mid-season variety, preferred by commercial growers for heavy yields and extreme weather tolerance. 3' vines. read more
Shell Pea
781 Pisum sativum (70 days) Open-pollinated. 3' vines. 3-3.5" slender curved pods. 6-8 peas per pod. Easy to shell. read more
Mayfair - Organicsold out, substitute 761.
788 Pisum sativum
(72 days) Open-pollinated. If I could have only one shell pea variety it would be Mayfair. We have a short crop of this outstanding... read more
Perfection 326not available yet, check back after mid-FEB
762 Pisum sativum
(66 days) Open-pollinated. We haven’t been able to find any true strains of Maestro on the market, but those searching for that... read more
Shell Pea
Strike Pea
720 Pisum sativum
(52 days) Open-pollinated. You won’t strike out on early pea sales with this winner in your starting lineup. A first-early shell pea... read more
Shell Pea
727 Pisum sativum
(56 days) Open-pollinated. Those who grew up during the heyday of our national pastime associate the name with bubble gum and... read more