Queen of Malinalco Tomatillo - Organic


Queen of Malinalco Tomatillo - Organic

Physalis ixocarpa
(60 days) Open-pollinated. Hails from the small Aztec town of Malinalco, in the Ixtapan region of Mexico. Peculiar 3"-long oblong pointed fruits ripen from green to lemon yellow with a flavor that surprises and delights! Sweet and tropical, like a ground cherry, perfect for fresh eating, roasting, grilling and for fruity salsas. Robust multi-branched bushes easily reach 3' tall and appreciate support. Harvest when fruit is plump and husk splits. We are grateful to Wild Mountain Seeds for drawing our attention to this tomatillo, and for the people of Malinalco for tending it. NEW!
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4010 Queen of Malinalco - Organic
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About 500 seeds/g.

Culture: Ideal germination temperature 75–85°.Start indoors 2 weeks after tomatoes lest they get leggy. If seedlings do get leggy, transplant them deep so the stems can root. Some people like them pruned, others let them sprawl. Space plants 3' apart for the sprawlers, closer if you plan to prune.

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