Oceanside Spinach


Oceanside Spinach

(45 days mature, 25–30 to baby leaf) F-1 hybrid. Like the amazing smooth surfing waves in Oceanside, California, the leaves of this spinach just keep on coming. Thick but tender, very dark green smooth round oval leaves are upright, perfect for the baby cut. At full maturity, large broad leaves still give excellent silky texture and mild sweet flavor. With our erratic Maine summers, we prize bolt tolerance above all else, and Oceanside delivered in style, even beyond what legendary (but lost) Tyee could muster. Mature Oceanside held leaf quality, strong color and great taste for more than a month, barely showing signs of going by in early August. We have a winter trial crop in with hopes for “over head” harvests. High resistance to DM 1-9,11,13,15,16,17,UA201621A. Intermediate resistance to DM 12,14.

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Additional Information


Spinacia oleracea

1,400–2,600 seeds/oz. ¼ oz packet sows 30–50 ft; 1 oz plants 120–200 ft.

Culture: Very hardy. Must be planted as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring to avoid early bolting. For fall crop try late July–Aug. sowing; to overwinter, sow late Aug.–Sept. Heavy nitrogen requirements, but avoid applying high-nitrogen fertilizers shortly before harvest to prevent high nitrate levels in the leaves. Pick large leaves often for heavier production.

Smooth-leaved spinach is easier to wash than the semi-savoyed type and is increasingly preferred. Heat, crowding and long day-length (over 14 hours) trigger premature bolting. To retard bolting, avoid hot-weather planting, use wider spacing and irrigate or use shade cloth.

Minimum germination temperature 35°, optimal range 45–65°. Spinach seed will not germinate in soil temperatures above 85°.


  • BM: Blue Mold
  • CMV: Cucumber Mosaic Virus
  • DM: Downy Mildew