Evergreen Hardy White Scallion


Evergreen Hardy White Scallion

Allium fistulosum
(65 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as Nebuka, a perennial non-bulbing bunching onion. If overwintered in the ground, develops clumps of scallions in the spring that can be harvested or divided and replanted. A welcome treat in April, one of the first fresh foods. Heirloom from Japan originated in the 1880s. Resists PR and smut.

2439 Evergreen Hardy White
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Additional Information


Direct-seed in spring or fall. For a steady market crop, seed every two weeks all season.


Culture: Start allium seeds indoors in February or March. Minimum germination soil temperature 50 °; optimal range 60-70 °. We discourage using bottom heat because alliums germinate poorly in soil temps above 70°. Transplant in spring soon after the ground can be worked.

Alliums are heavy feeders and want generous amounts of organic matter, fertilizer and water. Late transplanting and poor fertility can result in small onions or failure to form bulbs. Alliums are notoriously intolerant of weeds. Slugs love to munch them, and in areas above 40° latitude, root maggots may be a problem.

About allium seed: Allium seed is short-lived. We do not hold over hybrid onion seed because of precipitous decreases in germination. Test 1-year-old seed before using. Discard anything older.

DM Downy Mildew
PR Pink Root

ALERT: Leek Moth is emerging as a serious pest potentially affecting all Alliums in the Northeast. Consult your local Cooperative Extension for more info.

Germination Testing

For the latest results of our germination tests, please see the germination page.