Sisal Garden Twine


Sisal Garden Twine

Premium untreated 1-ply twine made from the sisal plant, Agave sisalana, which originated in Central America. The utility of this twine is endless (until you get to the end of the roll). A good companion to Biodegradable Tomato Clips for trellising vine crops. Our new twine stock is compatible with our tomato clips; the entire thickness of the twine can now fit in the jaws of the clips, without you having to separate any of the strands. Natural fiber product—expect minor variations in twine thickness. Thrifty growers may get more than one year’s use but don’t count on that; whenever you’re through with it, you can compost it. Comes in a 10# ball, 3000 feet. For best results, pull the twine from inside the ball. Tensile strength 240 lb.

8866 Sisal Garden Twine
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