Biodegradable Tomato Clips


Biodegradable Tomato Clips

Easy to use and even easier to dispose of! Use these ⅞" (internal diameter) clips made of non-GMO cornstarch, to attach tomatoes (or cucumbers, or melons, or other thin-vined plants) to your trellis system.

If you use a biodegradable material (like Sisal Twine) for your trellises, you can just cut the whole thing down at the end of the season and let it degrade in place, saving the labor of picking through the vines and strings for bits of plastic.

The clips will fully compost in 13 weeks in suitable conditions. This lack of stability demands caution: do not leave a bag of these clips sitting in the sun or they might melt together!

Certified organic operations must dispose of these clips as they would plastic clips, but at least they’re made of renewable materials and won’t pile up in the landfill. Can be re-used more than one season.

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