Silky Sugoi Straight Pruning Saw


Silky Sugoi Straight Pruning Saw

Sugoi is Japanese for amazing and awesome! Michael Phillips calls this pull saw “the mighty Silky limbing saw” and says that with this integral part of his pruning kit, “substantial scaffold branches can be cut with little effort.” Gently curved chrome-plated 14½" blade with 5.5 non-set teeth per inch for cleaner cuts. Comes with a bright yellow plastic sheath that can hang from your belt and secure against your leg if desired. The go-to saw for some seriously amazing large-limb pruning.

9043 Silky Sugoi Straight Pruning Saw
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A: saw $135.50 ($128.73)

Additional Information

Silky Saws

Our line of Silky saws comes recommended by Daniel MacPhee of Blackbird Rise Farm in Palermo, ME. According to Daniel, the Japanese Silky saws cut “a million times better” than Felco saws. The blades have more teeth per inch and are thinner and more flexible. The latter attribute improves performance but does make the blade more susceptible to bending, so be gentle with it. Silky saws cut on the pull stroke. Manufactured in Japan.

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