ProtekNet 25 gram Exclusion Insect Netting 82" wide


ProtekNet 25 gram Exclusion Insect Netting 82" wide

Durable floating row cover that excludes all manner of insect pests, even those as small as flea beetles, thrips and aphids. Also protects against birds, rodents, even deer. This knitted UV-resistant polyamide mesh eliminates the need for spraying pesticides, and it lasts at least 2–3 times as long as the cheaper spunbonded fabrics like Covertan or Agribon. OGS staffer John Paul discovered insect netting in 2014, and he quickly transitioned to using it wherever he could instead of spunbonded fabric. His crops performed better and it made the whole experience of growing vegetables easier and more aesthetically enjoyable. Use with Wire Hoops. If you bury the edges of netting with soil, do what you can to prevent weeds from growing through the buried edges.

Mesh size is 0.35 mm; density is 25 grams/square meter. 82" wide.

8872 ProtekNet 25 gram Exclusion Insect Netting 82" wide
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C: 6'10.5"x205' $275.50
D: 6'10.5"x820' $950.00
E: 6'10.5"x254' $334.50
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Additional Information

ProtekNet versus Covertan for crop protection

ProtekNet versus Covertan for crop protection
Heat-loving crops like eggplant and sweet potatoes like the extra warmth that spunbonded Covertan confers, and Covertan helps with frost protection. But for protection from pests, we vastly prefer ProtekNet.

ProtekNet blows the spunbonded stuff out of the water on many levels:

  • Significantly better airflow, which boosts crop growth and reduces incidence of disease
  • Rain easily penetrates the netting; spunbonded fabrics block lighter rains from reaching the crop
  • Easy visibility through the netting so you can better monitor plants
  • More light transmission through netting, thus more vigorous growth
  • Netting is stretchy, which helps you get a neater, tighter fit than with spunbonded fabrics

We hope to offer more insect netting options in the future; please email if you have special requests or experience to share.