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Amendments and Fertilizers


Fish Hydrolysate
8289 (2-5-1). Some stock remains with an NPK of 2-5-0.2. Fish heads, bones, skin and guts finely ground and then enzymatically digested. Produced using... read more
Fish Hydrolysate with Kelp
8292 (2-5-1) Some stock remains with an NPK of 2-5-0.2. All the N, P & K of fish, along with the micro-nutrients and growth hormones of kelp. Produced... read more


Kelp-It Soluble Powder Dehydrated Seaweed Extract
8266 NPK: 0-0-18. Highly concentrated extract makes an excellent foliar spray containing growth hormones, trace minerals, enzymes and carbohydrates.


... read more
Liquid Kelp
8269 Maine-harvested kelp, Ascophyllum nodosum, is a source of growth-promoting and -regulating hormones. Use when starting seeds to improve seed... read more

Plant Protection and Pest Control

Orchard and Garden Health

Orchard and Garden Health
Ahimsa Organics® Karanja Oil
8663 Eastern tradition and Western utilitarianism meet again! Enlightened growers of veggies, fruits and medical ganja value karanja oil for its... read more
Orchard and Garden Health
Ahimsa Organics® Neem Oil
8660 Promotes the health and vitality of trees and plants. Neem has long been recognized for its antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic... read more


ThermX™ 70 Soil Conditioner Natural Wetting Agent
8714 A wetting agent and spreader-sticker, made from a liquid concentrate of 70% yucca solids. Increases the longevity and effectiveness of pesticide... read more