Humic Acids SP


Humic Acids SP

A dry soluble powder with humic acid concentration of 90%. Derived from the mineral leonardite.

Humic acids are the wild-card molecules of soil physics and chemistry, performing complex functions by way of several different electrical and chemical reactions. Both powerful chelators and bind-all stabilizers, humic acids can prevent leaching of trace minerals into subsoil and increase uptake rate of micronutrients. They neutralize soil pH and reduce the toxicity of heavy metals. With a water-holding capacity of seven times their volume, they contribute greatly to soil structure and indirectly buffer soil temperature. They stimulate growth of foliage and roots significantly. Humic acids also have the ability to retain soil carbon for more than 1000 years, especially in conjunction with farming practices that prevent their decomposition, such as minimal or no tillage, cover cropping and mulching. These same practices increase the microbial populations responsible for new humus formation and cycling.

Best used as a foliar feed in combination with Fulvic Acid, the other soluble component of humus. Can also be applied directly to roots or in the soil before seeding or planting. Humic acids are only soluble in alkaline diluents, so test the pH of your solution to make sure it is above 7.0 before applying.

Caution: Higher than recommended concentrations of humic substances in soil can be inhibitive to proper plant growth. Don’t overdo it! See the fertigation chart for application rates. MOFGA

8167 Humic Acids SP
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