Fedco Autumn Harvest Tee, Straight-Cut


Fedco Autumn Harvest Tee, Straight-Cut

So many customers loved this design on our tote bag that we had to put it on a 100% certified-organic cotton shirt!

The art is by Fedco’s own Sarah Oliver, who explains the story behind her work: “This autumn-harvest drawing is one of a series inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s 1897 Four Seasons. I love Mucha’s graceful swirls and impeccable lines, and I enjoyed taking these ladies in their bedsheets and swoony poses and putting them into the well-worn rugged clothing of farmers and gardeners, surrounded by seasonal bounty. This one has an autumnal armload of brassicas, and is surrounded by squash, potatoes, onions and garlic. She might have bags under her eyes, but she can rest easier now that the harvest is in.”

Choose between this straight-cut forest-green tee or the fitted light green version.

9415 Fedco Autumn Harvest Tee, Straight-Cut

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