Growing Amaryllis Indoors

bulbs amaryllis Plant Amaryllis between October and May for flowering between December and June. Store the bulb in a dry dark cool area (45–50°F.) until you are ready to plant.

A few hours before planting, fill a 10–14 oz. glass with lukewarm water. Place the roots in the water, let the bulb sit on the rim, and allow the roots to soak up some water.

Use a pot about 2" larger than the bulb. Place a layer of small rocks at the bottom of the pot to improve drainage. Cover the bulb to the “shoulders” with potting soil or compost. Press the soil firmly around the bulb. Or, you can place the bulb in a clear vase with 1" of decorative stones or glass for ballast. Fill vase with water just high enough to keep the roots covered.

In the first few weeks, water sparingly. After the bud-stalk or leaves emerge, water more frequently. Direct sunlight and warm temperatures encourage proper growth. Lower light and temperature results in taller stems, whereas greater light and temperature promotes shorter stems. Amaryllis generally bloom 6–8 weeks after planting; the flowers last nearly 2 weeks.

Cut the flowerstalk close to the bulb after the flower fades. The leaves will continue to grow, and need regular sunshine to store enough nutrients to bloom again. Once the danger of frost has passed, the potted plant can go outdoors.

In late summer, stop watering and allow the leaves to die back (or let the first light frost kill them). Before the first hard frost, bring the pots back inside. Keep dry in a cool dark place (like a basement or root cellar) for 8–12 weeks to simulate dormancy.

Bring the bulb back to room temperature and begin watering again, about 6–8 weeks before the desired flowering time, and its cycle will begin again.