Contender sold out
319 Prunus persica Late. Firm melting aromatic yellow freestone peach. Hardy. Resistant to leaf spot. Blooms late. Z3/4. read more
Cresthaven crop failure, out of stock to all orders
320 Prunus persica Mid-Late. Very round medium-large yellow fruit with a red blush and yellow sweet juicy flesh. Freestone. Ripens later than Redhaven. Z5 but worth trialing in Z4. read more
Lars Anderson sold out
321 Early. Large juicy sweet yellow-fleshed freestone fruit. Tastes just like a peach should taste! Z5. read more
Madison sold out
322 Late. Medium-large fruit with fine-textured juicy flesh. Excellent sweet rich flavor. Freestone, good canner. Ripens late Sept. Very productive. Z4. read more
Redhaven sold out
323 Prunus persica Early-Mid. Medium-sized round peach with sweet firm yellow flesh. Excellent for eating, freezing, canning, shipping. Z4. read more
Reliance sold out
324 Prunus persica Early-Mid. Medium-sized roundish freestone peach. Bright yellow flesh, soft and juicy. Considered the hardiest peach. Z4 and warm pockets in Z3. read more