BetaOrdering closed for the season
417 Mid. Old standby heirloom, excellent for juice, jelly and jam. Concord-like. Vigorous healthy productive vines. Z3. read more
BluebellOrdering closed for the season
418 Mid. Clusters of medium-sized dark grapes with a heavy blue bloom. Our most popular seeded grape. Excellent for fresh eating, jelly and juice. Z3. read more
FrontenacOrdering closed for the season
419 Mid-Late. Very large loose clusters of small grapes for red wine. Also excellent for fresh eating. Z4/5. read more
ItascaOrdering closed for the season
420 Early. Brand new cold-hardy grape from MN. Low acid, high sugar, high resistance to disease. Makes a nice dry Sauvignon Blanc-style wine. Z4. read more
King of the NorthOrdering closed for the season
421 Mid. Very hardy dark-skinned table and wine grape. Produces light red sweet tasty juice. Z3. read more
Petite PearlOrdering closed for the season
423 Late. Small compact clusters of small dark thick-skinned berries. Makes a nice vinifera-type dry red wine or rosé. Disease resistant and hardy. Z4. read more
Reliance SeedlessOrdering closed for the season
424 Very Early. Large loose clusters of tender sweet pinkish-red grapes with a strawberry-like flavor. Good for fresh eating or juice. Stores well. Z4/5. read more
Somerset SeedlessOrdering closed for the season
425 Early. Medium-sized small sweet ruddy reddish-golden grapes in loose clusters. Crispy texture and great flavor. Easy to grow. Z4. read more
Vanessa SeedlessOrdering closed for the season
426 Mid. Large bright firm seedless deep red grapes with a fruity flavor. Makes the best raisins. Excellent fresh eating. Vigorous vines. Z4/5. read more


Grape CollectionOrdering closed for the season
429 Our pick of 4 varieties, individually labeled, a combo of hardy dessert and wine grapes. read more