Bluebell sold out for orders received after 1/4/22
387 Mid. Clusters of medium-sized dark grapes with a heavy blue bloom. Our most popular seeded grape. Excellent for fresh eating, jelly and juice. Z3. read more
Frontenac sold out
388 Mid-Late. Very large loose clusters of small grapes for red wine. Also excellent for fresh eating. Z4/5. read more
Petite Pearl low stock
389 Late. Small compact clusters of small dark thick-skinned berries. Makes a nice vinifera-type dry red wine or rosé. Disease resistant and hardy. Z4. read more
Reliance Seedless
390 Very Early. Large loose clusters of tender sweet pinkish-red grapes with a strawberry-like flavor. Good for fresh eating or juice. Stores well. Z4/5. read more
Somerset Seedless
391 Early. Medium-sized small sweet ruddy reddish-golden grapes in loose clusters. Crispy texture and great flavor. Easy to grow. Z4. read more
Swenson White sold out for orders received after 11/18/21
392 Mid-Late. Large yellow-green berries in large clusters are great fresh eating and excellent as a floral white wine with Brix just over 20. Very vigorous and hardy with good disease resistance. Z3/4. read more
Vanessa Seedless
393 Mid. Large bright firm seedless deep red grapes with a fruity flavor. Makes the best raisins. Excellent fresh eating. Vigorous vines. Z4/5. read more


Grape Collection Sorry, collections no longer available for ordering.
396 Our pick of 4 varieties, individually labeled, a combo of hardy dessert and wine grapes. read more