Watermelon Winter Radish


Watermelon Winter Radish

Raphanus raphanistrum subs. sativus
(55 days) Open-pollinated. A welcome addition to any winter vegetable collection, these radishes will please with their consistent sweet tender flesh and brilliant color display. As the name implies, Watermelon reveals its sweet smooth bright rose flesh once you slice through the green and white skin. Instead of watermelon, the name in its native land is xin li mei, meaning ‘in one’s heart beautiful.’ Growing to a robust 2½" diameter in just 45 days, these precocious winter keepers are best suited for early to mid-August sowing. At full maturity, the attractive 4" long oblong roots will store for months in the root cellar and keep their vibrant colors even when cooked. Selected from among 6 strains for their uniform coloring and daikon leaves. A real treat sliced, topped with farm butter and a pinch of sea salt. “Fast and delicious,” sums CT market grower Bryan O’Hara.

2265 Watermelon
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Additional Information

Winter Radishes

About 2,100-2,900 seeds/oz.

Culture: Winter radishes are slower-growing than the quick summer kind. Many grow deeper roots than summer radishes, often cylindrical in shape. Use wire hoops and row cover to keep out flea beetles. Thin to 6" apart. They hold much longer than summer radishes but if they start to bolt, pinch off the tops. Ideal in late September and October from an early August planting, and can be stored for winter in a root cellar like carrots and beets in slightly moistened sand or layered in damp raked leaves.


Days to maturity are from date of seeding

Disease: FY: Fusarium Yellows

Note: We cannot ship packets greater than ½ oz. (14 grams) of radishes into the Willamette Valley. The State of Oregon prohibits shipping any commercial quantity of untreated Brassica, Raphanus or Sinapis due to quarantine

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